INNOCAP  =  Building public sector innovation capacity 


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Project Manager: Lukasz Porwol
EU Programme: Northern Periphery and Arctic (2021 - 2027)
Project Budget:  €1,380,296
Start Date:  Jan, 2023
Finish Date:  Dec, 2025‌
Project Website:  

Aim & Objectives:

The aim of the project is to:
Provide enhanced quality and sustainable public services by enabling public sector organisations to lead the adoption of distruptive innovations and digital technologies.

Specific Objectives are:

  • Upskill public sector staff to introduce disruptive technologies and other innovations in their tasks and responsibilities taking advantage of the existing innovation capacity and solutions ready to be used in the NPA.
  • Demonstrate the potential that the public sector has as gamechanger in the provision of public services adapted to the NPA challenges by piloting disruptive services in 4 NPA territories testing the effectiveness of the INNOCAP approach.
  • Serve as example for other NPA public sector organisations and departments to adopt disruptive innovation by supporting the extension of the project results into other territories and service areas.



  • Donegal County Council, Website
  • ERNACT, European Regions Network for the Application of Communications Technology, Website
  • ALAV, Association of Local Authorities Västernorrland (Sweden), Website
  • UH, University of Helsinki, Finland, Website
  • SASS, Association of Municipalities in South Iceland, Website
  • NUIG, National University of Ireland, Galway, Website


Associated Orgnisations:

    • MIKKELI, The City of Mikkeli, Finland, Website
    • NL, Province of Newfoundland and Labrador, Canada, Website




Capacity building programme that will prepare public sector organisations from the 3 NPA geographical zones to pilot and further adopt 4 disruptive public services.   

This will benefit at least 120 users from the main target groups of the project, who are the public sector staff in charge of the management and delivery of public services in their territories and the final users of these services.   
The utilised approach combines ambitiously very different dimensions. This integral and pragmatic approach, combined with disruptive innovation characteristics, requires transnational cooperation to meet the project’s ambitions that otherwise would be impossible for an individual organisation or a region to address them sufficiently and in the extent planned in INNOCAP.

4 disruptive public services:

1) Building a digital innovation platform (Västernorrland)
2) Waste data hub (Iceland)
3) Social innovation led service for decision-making on digital and green transition (Mikkeli)
4) Climate change action monitoring (Donegal)