ENEPORTS-Decarbonization and digitalization of Atlantic Ports


Project Status: Live Project

Principal Investigator: John Breslin
EU Programme: EU, Interreg Atlantic Area
Project Budget:  €2,84M
Start Date:  11/01/2023
Finish Date:  10/31/2026
Project Website:  https://www.atlanticarea.eu/discover-our-projects/approved-projects/eneports 

Aim & Objectives:


Ports in the Atlantic Area are changing and becoming more like high-tech green energy test areas. They want to provide clean electricity to ships and the companies that use their services, especially those involved in blue or green energy. These ports are also aiming to help test and connect renewable energy projects, making use of the local resources and being close to the sea.

ENPORTS is a project where different partners from various places have noticed that these ports face similar challenges and can use similar solutions and tools to become more sustainable. The project plans to try out three examples, or pilots, to see how digital technology and artificial intelligence can help manage energy more efficiently. They want to explore new ways to reduce carbon emissions, such as using hydrogen, and test devices that can use different sources of energy.

ENPORTS also wants to make sure that as these changes happen, they follow the rules, consider the economic, social, and environmental effects, and deal with the technical challenges of using different kinds of energy sources. The goal is to create a plan that helps these ports use green energy wisely and benefit everyone involved.



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