COST DKG - Distributed Knowledge Graphs

Project Status: Live Project

Principal investigator: John McCrae   
EU Programme: COST DKG - Distributed Knowledge Graphs
Project Budget:
Start Date:  09/23/2020
Finish Date:  09/22/2024
Project Website:

Aim & Objectives:

Distributed Knowledge Graphs is a COST Action, i.e., a research and innovation network to connect research initiatives around Europe. A COST Action supports activities such as short-term scientific missions, workshops, and training schools. Our specific Action is centred around the topic of Distributed Knowledge Graphs, i.e., Knowledge Graphs that are published in a decentralised fashion, thus forming a distributed system. Our Action started on 23 September 2020 and lasts for four years.


Role Name
Action Chair Dr Tobias KÄFER
Action Vice-Chair Prof Axel POLLERES
Grant Holder Scientific Representative Dr John MCCRAE
Science Communication Coordinator Prof Anastasia DIMOU
Grant Awarding Coordinator Prof Stevan GOSTOJIĆ
WG1 Leader Prof Michel DUMONTIER
WG2 Leader Prof Andreas HARTH
WG3 Leader Dr Antoine ZIMMERMANN
WG4 Leader Dr Olaf HARTIG



Participation in COST Actions has led to significant results and follow-up in terms of the number of proposals submitted for collaborative research in Framework Programmes, with a success rate which more than triple the average success rates for these programmes (37% success rate). By funding networking, COST acts as a pre-portal for further research and innovation funding such as Horizon Europe, the European Union’s Framework Programme for Research and Innovation