Book Launch and Conference

Jan 26 2021 Posted: 12:46 GMT

Cultural Convergence
The Dublin Gate Theatre, 1928-1960
Edited by Ondrej Pilny, Ruud van den Beuken, Ian R. Walsh

Speakers: Ian R. Walsh, Charlotte Purkis, Erin Grogan,

Ruud Van den Beuken, Yvonne Ivory, Elaine Sisson, Ondrej Pilny

17.00-18.00 (Irish Time) January 29, 2021.

 This launch is part of Gate Theatre Research Network (GTRN) Conference 2021: 

Theatre Languages / Languages of the Stage: Marginality, Culture and Performance in Contemporary Europe

Register free to the conference for further details and links.

 This book is Open Access so you can read it for free:


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