Professional Practical Training 

Professional practical training is a core component of a Shannon College degree.  Particularly in Year 1 (in Shannon College) and in Year 2 (on placement), students develop practical skills and a level of attention to detail to match the professional standard found in the world’s top hotels. The training involves 20 hours per week in Year 1 rotating between Culinary Services Practical, Restaurant Services Practical, Accommodation Services, Front Office and Information Technology, Skills for Work Life and HACCP and Food Science.

Professional Ethos

The structure environment at Shannon College empowers students to develop a high level of professionalism and a sense of Hospitality. Shannon College empowers students to develop a high level of professionalism and a sense of hospitality. Shannon College students are easily identified by their College suit. The ethos of Commitment to Excellence’ is central to the teaching and learning at Shannon College and students develop leadership, organisational and teamwork skills by participating in college events such as graduation open days, fundraising, social and sports activities.

Business Education

Students gain a firm grounding in all key areas of business and management which help students to develop their business skills, commercial awareness and innovation and management skills. This allows students to have a successful career in Hotel Management and many other fast changing global business careers. 


Olivia Campbell |   BBS Graduate 2020

Shannon is not only a college that offers you a high level of hospitality training, but so much life experience from a wide range of different modules. From business modules to international professional work placements. The mix of business and practical modules develops your soft skills, and the qualification of the level 8 business degree allows you to delve into so many different career paths later in life. It truly rounds you as a professional in the industry.
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