First Year Transitions

First Year Transitions

‌The Student Engagement team are committed to enhancing the academic and personal journey of first-year undergraduate students. The team are focused on developing initiatives and programmes to support students through key transitions over the first year – such as living away from home for the first time, connecting with the University community and developing academic skills. The team aims to facilitate a seamless transition for first year students, fostering their well-being, and ensuring their progression and success at the University of Galway. The goal is to create a student-centred approach to service delivery and leveraging technology for streamlined communication and student engagement.

The Engagement Team collaborates with colleagues across the University, including units within Student Services, academic and professional services staff, Marketing and Communications, the Library and the International Office to maintain a focus on the first year experience. Areas of work include:

  • Embedding student success principles and international best practice in the development of initiatives and programmes
  • Developing a year-long orientation programme
  • Developing a student data model
  • Managing peer mentoring initiatives

Developments under the First Year Transitions banner will play a vital part in shaping the success stories of students and contributing to our vibrant university community.

Find out about our first-year undergraduates Orientation Programme or take a look below at some of the projects this team have developed: