Irish version - Leagan Gaeilge‌‌

Wishing all our students and staff a lovely Summer.  Enjoy and stay safe.

The Chaplain (known officially in the University as the Dean of Chaplaincy Services)  supports and gives expression to the University's commitment to the development of the whole human person.

Inspired by the Christian vision of life, the Chaplain strives to promote respect for the dignity of each individual person within the University community. Within University structures, he reports to the Director of Student Services and  the Dean of Students.

As well as one to one appointments with students and staff, the Chaplaincy team gives pastoral care, visits students in hospital when needed and operates the Student Death Protocol and the Missing Student Protocol.

The Chaplain at University of Galway strives to...


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About the Chapel

The Chapel of St. Columbanus was dedicated in September 1989 on the tenth anniversary of the visit of Pope John Paul II to Galway. The altar in the Chapel was the one used by the Pope to offer Mass for the 'young people of Ireland' at Ballybrit racecourse that great day in 1979.

Since it opened, the Chapel has become central to the life of the University. Here the celebrations and the sorrows, the achievements and the fears of the community are articulated, are acknowledged and are prayed for. Mass is celebrated during term (Mon - Wed at 1.10pm and Sunday night at 9pm) and students, staff and visitors visit in a steady stream to light a candle, to whisper a prayer, to sit in peace or simply to find some refuge and rest from a busy, stressful campus.