Learn about Galway 100

3 students walking out of the quadrangle

Galway 100 is a group of 100 University of Galway students who act as a sounding board for Student Services on new initiatives and resources. They help to ensure our services are student-centric, accessible, inclusive, and responsive to student needs. In existence since 2021 the group (which changes every year) has supported the development of a student journey map, the Cara chatbot, advised on exam supports and the weekly student ezine. The group regularly participates in focus groups with other units across the university to give feedback on several topics including website developments, communications, and services. The Galway 100 is referenced in the 2023 Student Partnership Agreement between the University and the Students Union.

Interested in taking part?

Recruitment will open in September 2024.


Who Can Participate?

Once a year Student Services invite students to apply to participate in Galway 100 via the weekly student ezine and social media channels. Students are asked initially to express interest in joining the group and are then given a questionnaire giving information related to the demographics of the student population e.g., gender, ethnicity, entry route, age, sexual identity etc. Students are then selected to ensure that the 100 is a representative sample of the overall student population. Students are then advised whether they have been selected or not. Those who have, are invited to an information session where the plan for the semester(s) is outlined. Students can participate over a couple of years.

What will I have to do?  

Activities are varied:

  • You will have options to attend workshops, focus groups or review services and submit it online (Reviews can be submitted in many formats – written, audio and /or video recordings etc).
  • Most activities will take less than an hour of your time and are spread over the semester.
  • Students are acknowledged for their participation with a gift voucher – each activity has a specific rate attached to it and you can “earn” up to a maximum of €250 in an academic year.
  • We will communicate with you via email, and you may be enrolled on a specific “Galway 100” module on Blackboard (Canvas from Sept 2023) to share information and resources.  

I am a staff member and want to access the Galway 100 for student participants for a focus group  

Please contact Josephine.walsh@universityofgalway.ie  to check availability.  


For more information on Galway 100, please contact sec@universityofgalway.ie