College of Arts, Social Sciences, and Celtic Studies

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Course Name
Applied Behaviour Analysis (Structured PhD)
Archaeology (Structured PhD)
Celtic Studies/Léann Ceilteach (Structured PhD)
Child and Youth Research (Structured PhD)
Children's Studies (Structured PhD)
Classics (Structured PhD)
Classics (Structured Research Masters)
Creative Technologies (Structured PhD)
Digital Arts & Humanities (Structured PhD)
Drama and Theatre Studies (Structured PhD)
Education (Structured PhD)
English (Structured PhD)
Film Studies (Structured PhD)
French (Structured PhD)
French (Structured Research Masters)
Geography (Structured PhD)
German (Structured PhD)
German (Structured Research Masters)
Global Women’s Studies (Structured PhD)
Health Promotion (Structured PhD)
Health Psychology Practice (Structured PhD)
History (Structured PhD)
International Cultural Studies (Structured PhD)
Irish Studies (Structured PhD)
Italian (Structured PhD)
Latin American Studies (Structured PhD)
Learning Sciences (Structured PhD)
Mathematics (Structured PhD)
Medieval Studies (Structured PhD)
Nua-Ghaeilge (PhD Struchtúrtha)
Old and Middle Irish (Structured PhD)
Perception, Cognition & Action (Structured PhD), full-time & part-time
Philosophy (Structured PhD)
Political Science and Sociology (Structured PhD)
Psychology (Structured PhD)
Psychology and Health (Structured PhD)
Spanish (Structured Masters)
Spanish Studies (Structured PhD)
Texts, Contexts, Cultures (Structured PhD)

College of Business, Public Policy, and Law

Course Name
Business, Public Policy and Law (Structured PhD) full-time and part-time

College of Medicine, Nursing, and Health Sciences

Course Name
Anaesthesia (Structured PhD)
Anatomy (Structured PhD)
Bacteriology (Structured PhD)
General Practice (Structured PhD)
Health Promotion (Structured PhD)
Medicine (Structured PhD)
Nursing and Midwifery (Structured PhD)
Obstetrics and Gynaecology (Structured PhD)
Occupational Therapy (Structured PhD)
Paediatrics (Structured PhD)
Pathology (Structured PhD)
Pharmacology and Therapeutics (Structured PhD)
Physiology (Structured PhD)
Podiatric Medicine (Structured PhD)
Psychiatry (Structured PhD)
Radiology (Structured PhD)
REMEDI (Structured PhD)—Regenerative Medicine Institute
Surgery (Structured PhD)
Biomedical Engineering and Regenerative Medicine (BMERM) (Structured PhD)
Population Health and Health Services Research (Structured PhD)

College of Science & Engineering

Course Name
Anatomy (Structured PhD), full-time
Applied Mathematics (Structured PhD)
Biochemistry (Structured PhD)
Bioinformatics (Structured PhD)
Biomedical Engineering Science (Structured PhD), full-time
Biostatistics (Structured PhD)
Botany (Structured PhD)
Cellular and Molecular Biology (Structured PhD)
Chemistry (Structured PhD)
Earth & Ocean Sciences (Structured PhD)
Key Enabling Technologies (Structured Masters)
Marine Sciences (Structured PhD)
Mathematics (Structured PhD)
Microbiology (Structured PhD)
Ocean, Atmosphere and Climate (Structured Masters)
Pharmacology and Therapeutics (Structured PhD)
Physics (Structured PhD)
Physiology (Structured PhD)
Plant & AgriBiosciences (Structured PhD)
Statistics (Structured PhD)
Zoology (Structured PhD)
Civil Engineering (Structured PhD)—full-time and part-time
Computer Science (Structured PhD)—full-time and part-time
Data Science Institute (DSI) / Insight (Structured PhD)—full-time & part-time
Electrical & Electronic Engineering (Structured PhD)—full-time and part-time
Industrial Engineering (Structured PhD)—full-time and part-time
Mechanical & Biomedical Engineering (Structured PhD)—full-time and part-time
Biomedical Engineering and Regenerative Medicine (BMERM) (Structured PhD)