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Important note for MLitt research degree prospective students 
Graduates wishing to pursue the research degree of MLitt may do so for the purposes of a stand-alone award. It is not a progression route to a PhD degree. Therefore, students registered for the MLitt research degree have no automatic transfer opportunity to a PhD programme. However, students on PhD research have the possibility to exit their programme early with an MLitt providing that they have satisfied the requirements for that award. 

College of Arts, Social Sciences, and Celtic Studies

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Course Name
Archaeology (MLitt)
CELT (MLitt)
Classics (MLitt)
Drama and Theatre Studies (PhD) (full-time & part-time)
Economics (MLitt)
Education (MLitt)
Film Studies (PhDs)
French (MLitt)
Geography (MLitt)
German (MLitt)
History (MLitt)
Irish Studies (MLitt)
Italian (MLitt)
Old and Middle Irish (MLitt)
Philosophy (MLitt)
Psychology (MLitt, DPsychSc)
Sociology & Politics
Spanish (MLitt)
Studio Art (PhD)
Women’s Studies (MLitt)

College of Business, Public Policy, and Law

Course Name
Business Information Systems (MSc, full-time or part-time)
Commerce (MComm, full-time or part-time)
MSc (Marketing) by Research

College of Medicine, Nursing & Health Sciences

Course Name
Health Promotion (MPhil, full-time and part-time)
Health Sciences-Social Care (MPhil, full-time and part-time)
Occupational Therapy (MPhil, full-time and part-time)
Podiatric Medicine (MPhil, full-time and part-time)
Speech and Language Therapy (MPhil, full-time and part-time)

College of Science & Engineering

Course Name
Applied Mathematics (MSc, part-time or full-time)
Biochemistry (MSc, full-time and part-time)
Bioinformatics (MSc, part-time or full-time)
Biomedical Science & Engineering (MSc, part-time or full-time)
Biostatistics (MSc, full-time or part-time)
Botany/Plant-Science (MSc, part-time or full-time)
Chemistry (MSc, part-time or full-time)
Earth and Ocean Sciences (MSc, part-time or full-time)
Environmental Science (MSc, part-time or full-time)
Mathematics (MSc, part-time or full-time)
Microbiology (MSc, part-time or full-time)
Occupational Health and Hygiene (MSc, part-time or full-time)
Physics (MSc, part-time or full-time)
REMEDI [Science] (MSc, part-time or full-time)
Ryan Institute [Science] (MSc, part-time or full-time)
Statistics (MSc, part-time or full-time)
Zoology (MSc, part-time or full-time)
BioInnovation (MSc)—full-time
Civil Engineering (MEngSc/MApplSc, full-time or part-time)
Computer Science (MSc, full-time or part-time)
Insight Centre for Data Analytics [Engineering] (MAppSc/MEngSc, full-time or part-time)
Electrical and Electronic Engineering (MEngSc/MApplSc/ME, full-time or part-time)
Industrial Engineering (MEngSc/MApplSc/ME, full-time or part-time)
Mechanical and Biomedical Engineering (MEngSc/MApplSc, full-time or part-time)