Work Based Learning

University of Galway is committed to improving our students’ employability.

Work placement is an accredited placement module that is embedded into an increasing number of programmes at undergraduate level here in University of Galway. Students work while on work placement is academically assessed and contributes to their overall assessment for the year.

Hosting a work placement student in your organisation has many benefits. Many organisations come back year after year to host students from University of Galway because they are impressed by the quality of our students and the positive impact they make in the organisation.

The process:

  1. Contact us to discuss your needs and to find out about courses
  2. Send us a job description
  3. Students apply through the placement application system
  4. Employers review CVs and shortlist for interview
  5. Employers interview students
  6. Offer is made to the student by the Placement Officer


Why take part:‌

  • Students offer a source of skilled labour and an insight into new practices being taught in HEIs.
  • Students provide a flexible and cost-effective solution to recruitment needs and help ease staff workload at busy times.
  • They bring new ideas and new perspectives into the workplace.
  • Employers can recruit an additional resource to undertake projects.
  • Employers can identify potential new recruits and create a feeder pool for future graduate recruitment.