Build your brand on campus

Here at the Career Development Centre we offer plenty of opportunities for you to connect with our talented students and graduates!

This academic year we have been providing all services remotely and while we can't directly replicate the employer engagement opportunities we usually offer, we've thought critically and carefully about our approach. We've reconceptualised our plans and can provide you with an innovative offer supported by robust platforms and our expert teams, curating the right engagement for you.

Employer of the Week

We are delighted to offer you new opportunities to engage with students.
Limited number of slots – 1 employer per week.

Please contact us to find out about Employer of the week. 

Employability Workshop

Over the past 3 years employers have supported University of Galway students to develop their skills through facilitating skills workshops on a range of topics. These workshops give credit to students completing our Employability Award

The Career Development Centre will organise, host and promote the skills workshops to students. These can be on campus or virtual.

Skills workshops on the following topics are particularly welcome:

  • Presentation skills
  • Business communication
  • Problem solving skills
  • IT skills (e.g. Excel, PowerPoint, OneNote)
  • Career resilience
  • Interview skills
  • CVs and applications
  • Using social media in job searches
  • Using LinkedIn
  • Branding yourself/Building your brand

Please contact us if you would like to support our students to develop their skills by facilitating a skills workshop. 

Design your own event on your preferred platform

Running your own online event? Send us the details including how students can participate. We will promote this for you on our events listing.


On campus activities 

Job Market

We organise a number of sector-specific Job Markets for students during the academic year.
Employers can book a stand and network with students in an informal and relaxed setting in a central location on campus. 
Job Markets will give you the opportunity to talk to a large number of students, promoting upcoming events or any vacancy opportunities you might have and raising your company's profile on campus considerably and effectively. We would anticipate that these events would replace individual company presentations.

Testimonials from companies who participated previously:

‘The Job Market was a great success and a perfect opportunity for our company to speak with students... The experience was very positive as we interacted with over 50 enthusiastic students’  
‘I met a lot of really interesting, motivated students... The Marketplace style of the event was fantastic’. 

Host a career focused workshop or participate in a seminar

Careers run many seminars, workshops during the year, as well as being involved in Careers Education modules on certain programmes. For example,

  • general and targeted workshops are available e.g., CV workshop during Engineers week
  • mock interviews as part of our involvement with Skills for Worklife programme for BComm
  • our seminars give insights into working in a particular sector (e.g., Careers in Media) and can take the form of brief presentations about a number of careers and/or a discussion panel with Q&A. We are particularly interested in having alumni participate in these seminars. Tell your own career story - typical working day - the future - your thoughts - advice on tips for entry - Q&A - network with students. 

Be a CV reviewer and/or mock interviewer

As part of some of our Careers Education modules and placement preparation, we may hold 1-1 CV reviews and/or individual mock interviews with students and give constructive feedback.

We are always interested in having HR professionals from a related industry take part as it gives the student an invaluable learning experience.


Raise your brand awareness by sponsoring a career event, resource or publication. Take the opportunity to partner with the Career Development Centre through strategic sponsorship.
Company sponsorship could include:

  • Door prizes at careers fairs and publication printing of fair brochures and event listings.
  • Prize for careers event attendance (related to your industry).

Contact us now to express your interest in participation in any of the above.