Conference Presentation – Monica Haid MA, Early Childhood Studies

Date Released: 27 September 2023
Dr Sheila Garrity, Monika Haid, MA, at Charles University, Prague



Monika Haid, graduate of the MA Early Childhood Studies, University of Galway, presented findings from the Spaces & Traces project, at the Children & Youth Perspectives Conference, Charles University, Prague, Czech Republic, on Sept 14, 2023. The project explored whether children’s meaning making, and their connection to a place, could be facilitated through digital technologies.

Developed through the recent pandemic, this project was a collaboration with Dr Sheila Garrity, of the ECS programmes, and Aidan Harte, of the University of Sanctuary project, at the University of Galway. Monica was the main researcher/data collector in the field. We also were supported by Ifigeneia Kamarotou, a student in the MA Public Advocacy and Activism, who coordinated the university student volunteers in the project. Special shout out to the collaborating Early Years service and to the children, families and educators who gave of their time.