CFRC SRA Collaboration Lunchtime Seminar

Date Released: 7 July 2022

SRA Collaboration Lunchtime Seminar 

Adolescent adjustment, well-being, and individual, peer, and family contexts during COVID-19 in 3 countries 

 When: August 23rd, 2022 @ 1pm 

Where: Institute for Lifecourse and Society, G006  

Presenters (SRA COVID-19 Global Scholars Fellows) 

  • Carmen Kealy, Ireland/Aprile Benner, USA, Project Libra  (UT Austin, USA) 
  • Mette Ranta, Finland/Ingrid Schoon, UK, YEAH study (University College, London, UK) 
  • Ann Skinner, USA/Ersilia Menesini, Italy, NSSI3 (University of Florence, Italy) 

The onset of strict safety and hygiene regulations during the COVID-19 pandemic such as school closings, self-isolation, and reduced social contact forced adolescents to make major adjustments in their everyday life. Such major negative life events are often related to anxiety and depression. Prior research has shown that children's adjustment and emotion regulation are predicted by both family and peer contexts. Regulatory self-efficacy, optimism and social support from parents and peers are related to adolescents’ positive adjustment. Although extant literature on COVID-19 and adolescents includes findings about maladjustment, few cross-national studies explore the associations among both maladaptive symptoms and measures of positive well-being, and their relation to individual, family, and peer-level predictors. 

Funded by the John Templeton Foundation and facilitated through the Society of Research on Adolescence, our collaborative effort will utilize data from the US, UK, and Italy to see if the association between COVID experience/stress and internalizing symptoms and well-being is moderated by social support, regulatory self-efficacy, or optimism/future orientation. Our collective expertise in sociology, education, and psychology will be used to interpret results with an interdisciplinary lens.  

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