UNESCO Child and Family Research Centre: Books' Launch Webinar

Date Released: 9 December 2021

UNESCO Child and Family Research Centre

Books' Launch Webinar 

Date and Time:

Friday, 21 January 2022

16:15 – 17:15 GMT

About this Event:

Four books recently published by staff at the UNESCO Child & Family Research centre will be launched at this online event. The publications reflect core themes across the UCFRC’s work programme including prevention and early intervention, rights and participation and support to families across the lifecourse.  The collection features the experiences of researchers in partnering with statutory and community agencies to undertake research that informs public policy and contemporary societal issues.     

Taken together the approaches taken in this body of work demonstrate the UCFRC’s commitment to engaged research and the adoption of methodologies that emphasise voice and participation. The publications draw on the experience of the UCFRC and academic colleagues nationally and internationally in undertaking innovative, collaborative research with a range of stakeholders including service users, policy makers and practitioners.  The benefits of interdisciplinary working are evident across a number of areas including sociology, social care, education and community development.  The publications capture the life transitions, diversity of home, community and educational spaces occupied by children, youth and families and will inform the development of real world guidance relevant to professionals, agency leaders, policy-makers, and practitioners.  

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