Living and Learning Empathy in Covid-19: A Virtual Global Conversation

Date Released: 27 April 2020

As a contribution to help us understand the on-going impact of Covid-19 and ways in which we can all help respond now and, in the future, a series of 12 weekly National/International free to public virtual conversations will be held and hosted by the Institute for Lifecourse and Society (NUI Galway) and The Global Network of UNESCO Chairs for Children, Youth, and Communities in collaboration with Penn State University. Each week the virtual conversation, which will be free, globally accessible, and delivered across time zones to the public, will bring together the views of academics, policymakers and most importantly citizens directly affected by the coronavirus and living with its consequences. This will include a focus on kernel issues for children and youth, parents, older people, families, people living with a disability and communities as well as in differing cultural and international contexts. It is hoped the conversations will assist human understanding and compassion in relation to the coronavirus as well as proposed solutions for societies to connect and cope and become more resilient.

The First Living and Learning Conversation in Covid-19 will take place at 6pm (Greenwich Meantime) on at 6pm (GMT) Thursday, April 30 2020 and the series will run weekly for 12 webinars. Each week the conversation will alternate between an Irish and International focus across differing life course and or cultural challenges. All events are free to the public who are strongly encouraged to participate, ask questions in advance, and propose topics for conversations. All conversations can be accessed live through an online platform. All conversations will provide evidence-based knowledge, experiences from people facing the pandemic, and suggestions for what all of us can do to see everyone through this crisis.

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Weekly Webinars can be played back Here 

Prof Pat Dolan, UNESCO Child and Family Research Centre, NUI Galway and Prof Mark Brennan Penn State University

Webinar Co-Convenors

NUI Galway Research Institutes’ Covid-19 Alliance (RICA)

The extent and impact of the coronavirus pandemic requires a coordinated research response across disciplines. Five research institutes at NUI Galway have formed Covid-19 Response Groups to address complex challenges in science, data analysis, business, the social sciences and humanities.