This section contains links to relevant intenational organisations, non-governmental organisations as well as research resources and similar university study centers.

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We have conducted a review of disability related journals, and have brought them together in one document, noting where you can access them - both as a student user here on campus or as a external user. 

List of Disability Journals

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The Centre of Disability Law and Policy has its own growing Reference Library. The document below is intended to facilitate reference by anyone needing to use our library for reference or research. Last updated in January 2012.

The Library has been catalogued in two ways to make it easier to search. Both catalogues are available below.

Using CDLP Library

The Library has been catalogued by the book’s Jurisdiction. Each Jurisdiction has been given a number  (table of Jurisdictions and corresponding numbers shown in PDF ’Using CDLP Library’) and then the books have been catalogued alphabetically by the author’s surname. E.g. 4.B =" " The EU – Disability and Policy in General; Blatt

Catalogued by Jurisdiction

The Library has also been catalogued by topic. Each topic has a colour (table of topics and corresponding colour are shown in PDF ’Using CDLP Lib’) and the books are colour coded by their topic.

Catalogued by Topic


As a joint project between researchers at NUI Galway and DREAM, the Disability Rights Digital Bibliography seeks to provide a single point of contact for academic references in disability rights. The bibliography was compiled based on individual contributions from researchers in seven research institutions throughout Europe. The bibliographies were established based on the thematic interests of the researchers and represent a wide array of areas impacting disability in Europe and internationally. Each bibliography is available as an accessible Microsoft Word document as well as a Research Information Systems (RIS) format which can be imported into most reference management software applications. RIS files may not reflect all of the citations contained in the Word documents as some citations were not able to be converted.

We want to encourage our users interested in contributing further to this initiative to contact us.

Disability Rights Expanding Accessible Markets or DREAM is a training network for early stage researchers stemming from the EU Marie Curie Initial Training Network Funding Programme. The primary aim of DREAM is to professionally develop and educate the next generation of disability policy researchers and entrepreneurs to assist the EU and its Member States in their efforts to implement the UN CRPD at EU and Member State levels. This will involve exploring options for European Union disability law and policy reform in light of the United Nations Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities.