NUI Galway undertook a capability review with engagement of all stakeholders to identify the requirements for the Student Records Management Solution for a number of reasons: 

  • Examining capabilities involves a thorough review of the people (posts/roles), processes, policies, technology and data to provide more holistic view of the organisation.  This is a shift from the traditional approach of only considering functional requirements.  
  • Ensures requirements are defined at high-level to support longevity i.e. what they are now and what they will look like over the coming decade. 
  • Ensure University understanding of the impact of decisions made around how capabilities are delivered i.e. the impact the solution will have on our people and processes.  This is critical for change management. 
  • Allows for effective categorisation of capabilities to 1) define priorities for automation 2) understand how vendors will deliver needs in terms of functionality or systems and 3) NUI Galway can understand the benefits and costs associated with the vendor solutions proposed. 
  • Capabilities also provide an easy to understand common model and language for all stakeholders.  This is particularly important for vendors to ensure they meet University capability requirements. 
  • The capability areas that will benefit directly from the new technology include: 

    • Curriculum Management 

    • Student Attraction and Recruitment  

    • Student Admission Management 

    • Student Enrolment / Registration 

    • Student Exam / Assessment Processing 

    • Student Progression 

    • Student Career and Work Placement 

    • Student Financial Management 

    • Student Support and Wellbeing Management 

    • Academic Year Scheduling and Timetabling Management 

    NUI Galway ran workshops around each of these capability areas in 2019 with engagement for all of our stakeholders – students, academics, professional services and University management.  867 stakeholder contributions were received to assist with the documentation of processes and the development of requirements for a new student records management solution.

    You can download the NUI Galway capabilities model and find out more about the NUI Galway capabilities model here

 ‌Student Digital Pathways Capability Model v0.5