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Our Mission

Biodiversity and Bioresources Research Cluster aims at promoting NUI Galway's research in biodiversity and bioresources in a supportive and collegiate manner. The cluster serves as a platform to facilitate collaborative efforts between cluster members and to identify external collaborative links for individuals and the cluster as a whole. The cluster highlights members’ research achievements and seeks to identify funding sources and link those resources to member Principal Investigators (PIs), in order to support individuals and groups in producing outputs from their research.

The Biodiversity and Bioresources Research Cluster is focused on two linked areas:
  1.  The biodiversity, ecology, and evolution of species, habitats, and ecosystems.
  2.  The materials, products, and services (potential and existing) are provided by natural resources.
To learn more about our principal investigators (PIs), our Zoology and Marine Biology Museum, our projects, and our BSc and MSc programmes, please visit the following pages.