Research Ethics

Researchers at University of Galway have a duty to adhere to the highest ethical standards when conducting research. It is important that the research is designed to give full consideration to the ethical implications of any proposed project. All researchers should reflect on the implications of their work, not just in terms of human and animal welfare and dignity, but also the social and cultural impact of their research. 

Research Ethics Committee (REC)

You may require ethical approval if you wish to carry out research involving people, biological materialsincluding human tissue-or hazardous substances. For any research proposal to gain ethical approval it must be deemed necessary and designed to minimise predictable risk to the research participants and the researcher.  Click here to find out more about the Research Ethics Committee and the ethics approval process.

Animal Care Research Ethics Committee (ACREC)

The Animal Care Research Ethics Committee works in conjunction with the guidelines and processes implemented by the Health Products Regulatory Authority (HPRA). The Committee meets approximately 6 times per year.  To apply for ethical approval, your application must reach the committee prior to close of submissions for the next meeting.

If you are a NUI Galway researcher: Click here for further information, forms and guidelines. If you are having problems accessing this site, please email