Quality assurance is guided by key external standards and guidelines arising from European and National government statutes and in particular the EU Bologna Process, the Universities Act 1997 and Qualifications and Quality Assurance Act 2012. The key external guidelines are:

Internal QA activities are also guided by the University’s Vision 2025 strategic plan that outlines specific goals for quality and performance enhancement and that includes performance compacts and higher education landscape initiatives by the Higher Education Authority. QA activities are also guided by many other processes including the national Student Survey, the External Examination process, internal student feedback, student representation and various excellence awards.

NUI Galway uses external guidelines to develop a comprehensive suite of internal Policies and Procedures (P&P’s) and University statutes that define all key proceses including quality monitoring and the duties and responsibilities of various organisational units and committees. The impact of QA is measured primarily through key performance metrics and enhancements.