Staff Teaching Assignments (STA)

What's this scheme about?
How do I apply?
What paperwork is involved, from start to finish?


Erasmus mobility for teaching involves University of Galway staff members travelling to one of our Erasmus partner universities to deliver a programme of teaching that may be of between 2 and 5 days' duration, to include at least 8 hours of teaching.  A condition for participation is that there must be a valid inter-institutional agreement, in the specific subject area, between University of Galway and the proposed host institution abroad, and it must include teaching staff exchange.   Particants may receive an Erasmus grant in respect of the days on which they carried out teaching duties at the partner university, as well as an allowance for time spent travelling to and from the destination.

The funding allocated to University of Galway by the European Commission for teaching visits is limited, so that only a certain number of visits can be supported in any given year. Interested staff are therefore strongly recommended to submit an initial expression of interest as early as possible.

Please note the requirement to submit a Teaching Programme for consideration. The Teaching Programme may form the basis for selection if there are more candidates than the available funds can cover. A reserve list of candidates may be drawn up if there is further interest and a likelihood of sufficient funds remaining.

Staff members should not undertake Erasmus teaching visits without first consulting the International Office, even if they have carried out such visits in the past.  It's essential that these documents are completed and signed BEFORE the visit:  (i) a staff mobility teaching agreement, outlining and confirming your teaching programme, and (ii) a grant agreement.  And please remember that if you fail to notify the International Office in good time of your wish to participate, it may prove impossible to consider your visit for funding.

We are keen to encourage participation in the scheme, and interested staff are welcome to contact Kim O'Flynn Kelly with any queries.

Candidates for 2022/23 - Expressions of Interest

  • For any proposed Erasmus teaching visit, an Erasmus bilateral agreement must be in place.
  • The time frame for the 2022/23 academic year includes visits made up to 30th September, 2023.
  • Keeping in mind that the funding allocated for teaching visits in any given year is limited, interested staff are invited to submit the STA Application Form 22/23 to the Erasmus Executive ( as soon as possible, and no later than 10th March, 2023. This is in order to ensure a fair and transparent application process, and is in keeping with the advice of the National Agency for Erasmus. Please bear in mind that the European Commission recommends that priority should be given to first-time applicants. 
  • It's possible to submit the above-mentioned form later in the year, so as to be considered for a reserve list.
  • The International Office will make contact with all applicants individually before any teaching visits take place, asking people to confirm their intention to take part, and ensuring that all necessary paperwork is completed.
  • Please be sure to read the Important Information re. Erasmus+ Mobility.
  • Anyone who has not previously participated will need to complete a Bank Details Form.
  • Candidates will need to complete a Staff Mobility Teaching Agreement and have it approved by the host university at least one month in advance of the proposed visit. 

ALL CANDIDATES: Please ensure that you complete the necessary paperwork

Documentation to be submitted in advance of a Staff Teaching Assignment (i.e. one that has been approved by the International Office, as per previous section):

  • Contract (institution-teacher agreement) - one signed copy to be kept by the staff member, the other to be returned to the International Office (this document will be sent to approved candidates by the International Affairs Office);
  •  Staff Mobility Teaching Agreement (see above) to be signed and stamped by the host university; please return this document to the International Office at least one month in advance of your visit.
  • Anyone who has not previously participated will need to complete a Bank Details Form.

Please be sure to read the Important Information re. Erasmus+ Mobility.

Documentation to be submitted after the Teaching Assignment:

    • Attendance Certificate (Teaching) (must be completed by the Host University at the time of the visit)
    • The European Commission will send you a request by e-mail for the final report (participant survey), which you will submit online.
    • Travel documentation - flight tickets, boarding cards, etc.
    • Receipt of Payment (Staff)