What is Cara?

Meet Cara, the virtual assistant for current University of Galway students. Available 24/7/365 to support you with questions
about day-to-day university life. Cara is a virtual extension of the Student Enquiry Centre focused on supporting you.


Ho‌w to chat with Cara?

Keep your question simple and straight to the point - here are a few examples: 

Examples of queries to ask Cara on mobile

Where‌ to find Cara?

You can chat with Cara in two ways:

Methods to chat with Car


Why‌ ask Cara?

Cara Knows Stuff!

Get an answer on hundreds of topics; let Cara navigate the University of Galway website for you.
Cara also has answers to questions not on the website.

Available 24/7

Here to help all day, every day.
Get an answer instantly without having to wait to speak to a staff member or wait for an answer to an email.