NUI Galway Holds Public Forum on Organ Donation

Jan 16 2013 Posted: 11:00 GMT

A public forum focussed on organ donation and ongoing research in this area will be held at the Westside Library in Galway on Wednesday, 23 January, from 6-7.30pm. 

The public forum will ask how research is contributing to tackle the problem of the imbalance between the numbers organs available for transplant and the numbers of patients on waiting lists. For example, there have been recent advances in immunology science which may improve the chances of successful transplants.

Participants include Phyllis Cunningham, National Kidney Transplant Co-ordinator at Beaumont Hospital, Dublin, Clinician and Professor of Transplant Biology Matthew Griffin of REMEDI at NUI Galway and Martina Goggin, the mother of an organ donor and Co-Founder of the Strange Boat Donor Foundation.

Topics that will be discussed include the impact of kidney disease on individual people and communities, the contributions that organ donors make to Irish society and the role that research can play in reducing the health burden of kidney disease in the future. A question and answer session will follow. 

This event is part of a Health Research Board (HRB) Knowledge, Education and Dissemination scheme dedicated to create opportunities for dialogue surrounding Professor Griffin’s research on kidney health and disease.

Professor Griffin works with the Regenerative Medicine Institute at NUI Galway, and is particularly focussed on immunology related to kidney disease and transplantation.

The evening will be of particular interest to those considering donating their organs and individuals and families affected by kidney disease or requiring a transplant.


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