NUI Galway to Host Free Webinar on Democracy in America

Feb 15 2021 Posted: 14:10 GMT

Pannelits will include the eminent journalist Dan Balz from the Washington Post and academics from Harvard and Columbia University and Barnard College

The Moore Institute at NUI Galway will host a free webinar with leading commentators to discuss “Democracy in America”. Panellists include the eminent journalist Dan Balz of the Washington Post. The event will take place on Tuesday, 16 February at 3pm.

The United States has emerged from the traumatic and transformative presidency of Donald Trump, which concluded with an assault on the Capitol on 6 January by a violent group loyal to the then president. Key questions being considered during the webinar range from the depth of political division in the country to the implications of the radical right, the impact of conspiracy theories, the rural/urban divide, race in America, the future of Trumpism, and prospects for unity pledged by President Biden in a moment of shattering conflict.

Professor Daniel Carey, Director of the Moore Institute, NUI Galway, will chair the session. He said: “The constantly changing landscape of American politics has darkened in the Trump era, through support for white supremacy, manipulation of truth, and armed insurrection. The fate of American democracy is at stake as we enter the Biden presidency. Which way the country will turn remains the crucial issue.”

Dan Balz will be joined by academics specialising in the history, sociology, and culture of the United States that include Michèle Lamont (Harvard University), Stephanie McCurry (Columbia University), and Monica Miller (Barnard College).

To register to attend the free webinar logon to: or contact Professor Daniel Carey at


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