NUI Galway Youth Academy for High Ability Children Commencing in October

NUI Galway Youth Academy Participants. Photo: NUI Galway
Sep 25 2020 Posted: 11:35 IST

One in four places awarded on a scholarship basis 

The NUI Galway Youth Academy, an outreach programme aimed at high ability 9-12 year olds, is taking its courses online and is currently accepting applications for the October 2020 intake. The Youth Academy offers a unique opportunity for primary school children to get their first taste of university life by studying a fun but high level course in a college subject area.  

Normally delivered on campus, the courses have been redesigned for virtual delivery in line with current public health guidelines. The courses on offer are outside of the primary school curriculum which allows children the opportunity to make new discoveries in different areas of study, in a fun and interactive way. There are 16 courses available this October including ‘Geographers: the world’s explorers!’, ‘A world we cannot see: the secret life of mircobes’, ‘the mysterious mind’ and ‘DNA: the data inside us’. A student choses one course for the duration of the programe with classes taking place virtually every Saturday for six weeks.   

Geraldine Marley, Youth Academy Coordinator, Student Recruitment and Outreach, NUI Galway, said: “We had the opportunity to trial online courses with the Youth Academy Summer Camp in July and received very positive feedback from students and parents. Although we would love to host the children on campus, we have prepared a very exciting six week course which will include sending packs to the homes of participants, instruction and demo videos and a live virtual class each week.”  

Eligibility is based on achievement in a pupil’s most recent English or Maths standardised tests (Drumcondra, Sigma or Micra T) carried out in schools. The cost of participation is €110 and in every intake, 25% of places are made available as scholarships for students to attend the Youth Academy free of charge, based on economic circumstances.  

Classes will take place virtually every Saturday for six weeks starting on 17 October. 

Further information on entry requirements and applications is available at are made online and remain open until 5pm on Sunday, 27September. 


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