Three NUI Galway Students Awarded the Global Citizen Award

NUI Galway students awarded the Global Citizen Award. (l-r) Lorraine Tansey, Volunteer Coordinator NUI Galway, student Cormac Pope, Anton Kieffer, Experiment Intercultural Learning Programme Manager, NUI Galway student Aisling Miller and Trish Bourke Mature Students Officer at NUI Galway.
May 03 2017 Posted: 14:44 IST

Three NUI Galway students have recently been awarded the Global Citizen Award through their volunteering with Nurture Africa and the Experiment Intercultural Learning (EIL) initiative, which was set up to assist and develop international engagement, sponsored by Irish Aid.

The Gold Global Citizen Award went to NUI Galway students Aisling Miller, from Leap, Co. Cork who travelled to Uganda with Nurture Africa and to Cormac Pope, from Barna, Co. Galway who travelled to Thailand with the EIL. Seán Devny, also travelled to Uganda with Nurture Africa and he received the Bronze Citizen Award.

Following their travels last year, the students completed action projects once back in Ireland to connect the learning of their intercultural experience and secured the Bronze and Gold awards at this year’s national ceremony.

The Global Citizen Award aims to mobilise returned international volunteers, to inspire members of the Irish public, and to foster active global citizens by increasing their understanding of global issues.

Lorraine Tansey, ALIVE Student Volunteering Programme Coordinator, said: “Partnering the Global Citizen Award is ideal for NUI Galway because this award has a very important message. Volunteers are encouraged to connect to their local communities and write reflective blogs with their overseas partner. Through this full circle approach, volunteers can truly remain connected in solidarity with their overseas partners, building on the learning and intercultural experience.”


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