NUI Galway-based NetFort Technologies Secures 200 Global Customers

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Mar 22 2016 Posted: 09:39 GMT

NetFort Technologies is one of 65 companies the Business Innovation Centre at NUI Galway has supported in their development phase over the last number of years

NUI Galway client company, NetFort Technologies, a developer of the network security monitoring solution LANGuardian, announced it has now secured over 200 global customers worldwide.

NetFort Technologies flagship LANGuardian product is a single software solution that monitors network traffic, users and security. It passively captures the traffic flowing through an organisation’s network switch, analyses it using deep packet inspection techniques, and stores the results in a database. A web-based user interface provides access to the traffic data in the database. As it works on traffic data, there is no client software to install, no interaction with the devices on the network, and no impact on network performance.

Headquartered at the Business Innovation Centre in NUI Galway, with offices in London, the US and Australia, NetFort Technologies is an ambitious company that has grown exponentially with global customers that include the US Navy, US Department of Treasury, Honda Motor Company, Washington Gas, Norwest Venture Partners and McGraw Hill Financial.

Founded by John Brosnan and Morgan Doyle the company continues to thrive in the security monitoring market. Mr Brosnan has extensive security and networking experience having worked as a Principal Engineer for several years with Digital Equipment Corporation in Ireland, the UK and the US. He has also worked on a number of high speed network interconnect projects in the past, specialising in low-level kernel programming.

Commenting on the companies achievements, John Brosnan said: “The Business Innovation Centre at NUI Galway has provided many positives to our company, in particular the fantastic networking opportunities with other companies and being able to share information with each other. An additional benefit of being located within the vibrant community of NUI Galway is the many visitors who come to the University on an annual basis and provide us with access to a networking community that would otherwise be difficult to reach.”

Mr Brosnan added, “One of the many difficulties a business faces during its start-up phase is around how it can best continue to move forward and grow. NetFort Technologies focuses primarily on its existing customers to inform them about the best methods of moving forward. By visiting our customers and listening to them, we are able to combine their opinions and thoughts with our own detailed analyst reports to foster a strong internal innovation that continues to keep us at the forefront of our industry.”

Fiona Neary, Business Development Manager at NUI Galway’s Business Innovation Centre said: “It is always such a pleasure to work with and support a company like NetFort Technologies. Seeing them deliver a scalable, exportable, superior product is impressive, while at the same time John and his team are so willing to give their expertise back to the community. This is another example of a great West of Ireland company in Galway who has achieved global success.”

The company now has 20 employees working in the areas of Research and Development, Support, Sales, and a number of technology partners. The focus for the future is continuing the development of the technology and growth through partnerships.

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