Calling all budding scientists to the ‘Scientist for a Day’ Workshop at NUI Galway

‘Scientist for a Day’ participants attending a Kitchen Chemistry workshop.
Feb 02 2016 Posted: 09:16 GMT

NUI Galway will hold a ‘Scientist for a Day’ workshop for children aged 7 to 13 years old on Tuesday, 16 February from 10am-3pm. Organised by three science outreach initiatives based in NUI Galway, Cell EXPLORERS, Eco EXPLORERS and Kitchen Chemistry, the workshop will include a full day of science-related activities such as preparing DNA, observing colourful chemical reactions and working with live exotic animals.

With Cell EXPLORERS, children will learn about the fascinating world of cells which are the basic building blocks of all living things. They will set up their own experiment to prepare DNA from a chosen fruit. Kitchen Chemistry will teach children how to make their own glow sticks and grow crystals at home. To complete the day, Eco EXPLORERS will present an exciting display of live exotic animals, ranging from tarantulas to snakes and stick insects.

Adele Gabba, PhD student and lead of the Kitchen Chemistry team, said: “We are very excited to run this event once again. It is a unique opportunity for children to practice hands-on science in a real laboratory setting. They will learn and discover under the guidance of scientists who are passionate about sharing their enthusiasm for science and education. It’s a great way to stimulate children’s interest in science in a fun and interactive way.”

All three workshops will be delivered by NUI Galway staff and students. The cost to attend is €10 per child, with discounts available for multiple bookings, €18 for two children, €25 for three, or €30 for four.

Registration will open on Thursday, 4 February at 7pm and bookings can be made at Once registered, email the registration form from Eventbrite to for each child who would like to participate (maximum 4 children per Eventbrite order). Please reference your Eventbrite order number on the registration form. Places are limited, so early booking is advised.


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