NUI Galway Holds First Climate Congress

Mar 16 2015 Posted: 10:27 GMT

NUI Galway will hold its first climate congress highlighting national and international approaches, adaptation and mitigation. Focusing on the need for action on climate change, the event will take place on Wednesday, 25 March in the Bailey Allen Hall from 11am-8pm.

Guest speakers will include:

  • Tara Shine, Independent Expert and Special Adviser to the Mary Robinson Foundation. Tara will give a talk on the recent climate change negotiations, the new climate agreement, the link to the sustainable development goals and climate justice.
  • Ian Lumley from An Taisce, who will discuss climate change and food production from an Irish perspective, what can or should Ireland contribute.
  • Carla Sarrouy from the Warwick Crop Centre who will discuss her work concerning food security in Senegal.

There will also be a networking event featuring a variety of NGO’s and NUI Galway societies who will present their work in relation to climate change.

The event is organised by the Climate Change, Agriculture and Food Security Society (CCAFS Society), which began operating in NUI Galway in September 2014.

This event is free to attend. For more information, or to registration for the event, visit


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