Vendors in global marketplace to benefit from new channel enablement software upgrades

Sep 24 2013 Posted: 14:06 IST

NUI Galway Company Channel Mechanics updates popular channelIT platform to provide improved functionality and flexibility for vendors and distributors worldwide

Channel Mechanics, the award-winning channel enablement company based at NUI Galway, has announced the new Release 8.0 of its channelIT platform, now available globally from the 12 September 2013. The new version supports vendors and distributors in the ever expanding global marketplace with additional languages and full multi-currency support, as well as other further functionality, including product rating images, improved reporting detail and a Reseller notes facility.

“Our team has been working in and around channels for over 25 years.  Through our work with large vendors, including Motorola Solutions EMEA, we are continuing to uncover ways to add value to any company operating and selling through channel partners,” said Kenneth Fox, CTO at Channel Mechanics. “The Release 8.0 of channelIT offers vendors and distributors a host of new features that enables even better management of channel operations and provides resellers, wherever they are in the world, with an enhanced experience. These updates support international business and make it easier for our customers to operate in the growing global marketplace.”

Other enhanced functionality from Release 8.0 of the channelIT platform includes:

  • Product Rating Images – enabling Vendors or Distributors to indicate a price value through a rating system, without exposing the list price
  • Reseller Portal Navigation enhancement – making the navigation experience more informed for the Reseller
  • Bundle Breakout – allowing users to view all items in a VEV (Virtual Entitlement Voucher), so they can fully understand the VEV content, allowing for correct back end system updates
  • Improved Reporting detail - enabling greater analysis of Reseller buying behaviour
  • Reseller Notes facility – allowing better Reseller management and tracking
  • captureIT details available for review – providing Reseller with complete visibility
  • VEV reminder emails for Reseller – giving Reseller notification of the expiry of a VEV

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