Stanford Biodesign designates BioInnovate Ireland as their first ‘Global Affiliate’ Programme

CAPTION Pictured; (l-r) Dr Mark Bruzzi, NUI Galway, Director of BioInnovate Ireland, Professor John H. Linehan, Northwestern University, Stanford and BioInnovate Ireland Advisory Board Member, Dr Jim Browne, President of NUI Galway and Ian Quinn, Founder and Non-executive Director of Creganna-Tactx Medical, BioInnovate Ireland Board Chair.
Nov 05 2013 Posted: 11:36 GMT

NUI Galway President Dr Jim Browne welcomes ‘further recognition of NUI Galway’s commitment to biomedical excellence.’


The Stanford Biodesign programme has selected BioInnovate Ireland, led by NUI Galway, as their first Global Affiliate Programme, an affiliation that represents the Stanford programme’s recognition of BioInnovate Ireland's continued growth and development. This affiliation will serve to further the collaborations between both programmes, lead to the development of further training materials and exercises, and allow interactions between Fellows on both programmes.

Dr Paul Yock, Director of Stanford Biodesign said ‘We are pleased and excited to see the growth of BioInnovate Ireland into a world-class training program in biomedical technology innovation.  Going forward, we are happy to be able to partner with BioInnovate as our first “Global Affiliate” program. We look forward to this opportunity to share best practices in education and training, create new teaching materials and  provide mutually beneficial experiences for our fellows and students.’ 

President of NUI Galway Dr Jim Browne said ‘this affiliation is further recognition of NUI Galway’s commitment to biomedical excellence. The BioInnovate programme enables collaboration across diverse fields to meet the needs of patients, clinicians and industry and puts innovation at the forefront of what we do.” 

Dr Mark Bruzzi, Director of BioInnovate Ireland  said ‘We are delighted to partner with Stanford Biodesign through their affiliates programme, and very much look forward to working with them and maximising our efforts to the benefit of both programs.’

The BioInnovate Ireland Fellowship is a medical device innovation training programme modelled on the prestigious Stanford Biodesign programme. With industry, academic and government support, and access to leading academic researchers, clinicians and industry experts worldwide, the programme facilitates and trains multidisciplinary teams of experienced professionals in the process of matching unmet clinical needs to attractive market opportunities.

The programme is led by NUI Galway and offered in collaboration with University of Limerick, University College Cork and Dublin City University. Programme support comes from Enterprise Ireland, Irish Medical Devices Association (IMDA), Boston Scientific, Medtronic, Creganna Tactx Medical, Steripack, Aerogen and Zeus.

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