Prof. David Malin lectures on the stars at NUI Galway

May 28 2007 Posted: 00:00 IST

Pictured during a recent lecture at NUI Galway is Professor David Malin, the most famous Astro-photographer in the world. Prof. Malin of Anglo-Australian Observatory (AAO), and the Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology, Australia delivered a free public lecture at the Centre for Astronomy at the University. His talk focused on the history of astronomical imaging and the profound effect it has had on knowledge of the universe, and the art and science of colour photography in astronomy and how the vivid colours of clouds of gas and dust can be at the same time be real and yet invisible through the telescope. Photographs created by David Malin can be found in many popular astronomy books and magazines, and are displayed in museums and planetaria throughout the world. Previews of his work can be seen on


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