Enterprise Ireland Awards NUI Galway Inventors

Dec 17 2007 Posted: 00:00 GMT

NUI Galway claimed top awards in the Industrial Products Sector where their inventors claimed 4 of the 8 awards presented at this year's event. The awards presented were as follows:

  • Dr Michael Rodgers, Department of Civil Engineering (Licence of a Waste Water Technology to Envirocare Ltd);
  • Dr Jimmy McManus & Professor Des Cunningham (RIP) Department of Chemistry, (Licence of a Metal Oxide Technology to the start-up company Theta Chemicals Ltd.);
  • Dr Conchur O'Bradaigh, Department of Mechanical Engineering (Licence of a Wind Turbine Blade Technology to EireComposities Ltd).

Each year a special bursary is awarded to the Principal Investigator who through their research has made a substantial contribution to Irish society and industry. This year Dr Michael Rodgers received this prestigious award for his research on Waste Water Treatment systems.


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