Mr Massimo Cattaneo

Contact Details

B.A., M.A., PhD Candidate


Massimo Cattaneo (B.A., M.A.) is currently completing his Phd in Spanish and Ethnomusicology under the supervision of Dr Lorna Shaughnessy (Discipline of Spanish - NUIG) and Dr Colin Quigley (Ethnomusicology - UL). He holds a BA in Spanish and French, a Master in Public Advocacy and Activism, both from NUIG, and piano and music theory qualifications from the Royal Irish Academy of Music. As part of his Structured Phd, Massimo has completed the MA in ethnomusicology at the University of Limerick (1st class honours). He has lectured in ethnomusicology, world music, Spanish language and culture in both NUIG and UL. Massimo is a contributor of the Journal of Music.  

Research Interests

Phd research title: The Flute in Flamenco Social Practice: an Analysis of Timbre, Processes of Hybridisation, and Indigenisation (1975-2017). Massimo is a recipient of the NUI Galway Doctoral Fellowship. His research focuses on the introduction and integration of the flute in flamenco and its effects on identity and on the controversial notions of purity and authenticity. His work explores the native perception and meaning of timbre, a key element in the flamenco aesthetic, and how it informs the flamenco flute technique.