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Olivia Finnerty |   Current Scholar MSc SIPM

The MSc in Strategy, Innovation and People Management has allowed me to develop my people management skills and learn how leading businesses triumph in the ever competitive and constantly changing market. The scholarship has enabled me to commit to my studies and further myself. The options I have in front of me are numerous and whichever path I choose I have the confidence, skills and motivation to succeed with a strong education behind me.   I am honoured to receive a scholarship from NUI Galway. It has had a positive impact in both my academic and person life and this change has been made possible through the kindness of J.E Cairnes School of Business and Economics. I am so thankful to have received this scholarship and I look forward to my bright future after I have completed my masters.

Michelle McEneaney |   Management Consulting Analyst at Accenture

I was attracted to the course due to the small class size and the mix of strategy, innovation and HR. Also, the course was nominated twice by GradIreland for Best Postgraduate Course of the year in Business! The assignments in most of the modules were real-world assignments and we even got to present our findings in one of our modules to the management at Medtronic who where very impressed with our work. Also, we were the first Irish students to participate on a global cross culture project with students from many universities on 5 continents and this opened my eyes to the experience of working with people in many different countries at the same time. As well as gaining loads of practical experience, the staff and students on the course where wonderful and really friendly. I have really enjoyed the course and I have gained loads of confidence. The knowledge and experience I have gained on this course has helped me come on leaps and bounds in my interview skills and thanks to this, I have secured a job in Accenture starting in September. (Graduate MSc Strategy, Innovation and People Management)

Tara O'Carroll |   People Operations at Google

This masters allowed me to hone in on my people management skills and learn how leading businesses triumph in the ever competitive and constantly changing market. On reflection of the last year, it was really a fantastic experience and I would encourage anyone to apply as you get a grounding in human resources aspect which has the CIPD accreditation and also all facets of strategy & innovation management.

Joan Burke |   Boston Scientific

The Masters in Human Resource Management at NUIG gave me the ideal platform to start my career in HR. The subjects covered provided me with a strong knowledge-base to have confidence in taking on my first role. The practical assignments we completed and the on-going team based activities developed my communication and collaboration skills. It was an exciting year and contributed significantly to my development

Janvi Shah |   Citibank

Before actually stepping on to the humongous corporate world, my course exposed me to the best blend of different cultures and international management dynamics within the classroom arena. The international study trip to Hong Kong as part of the course was enriching to gain wider international exposure in tandem with the Irish corporate world. I would highly recommend Ireland since most of the companies have their European headquarters located here. It has excellent quality of education, it is an English speaking nation with friendly people all around

Tara O'Connell |   Employee Insights Specialist, Qualitrics,

This masters allowed me to hone in on my people management skills and learn how leading businesses triumph in the ever competitive and constantly changing market. I am now working in Qualtrics - which is a leading data insights platform for market research, customer experience and employee insights. On reflection of the last year, it was really a fantastic experience and I would encourage anyone to apply as you get a grounding in human resources aspect which has the CIPD accreditation and also all facets of strategy & innovation management

Ananya Shivanand |   Staffing Associate, Microsoft

After working for a couple of years in the recruitment industry for a well known company in India, I thought an international exposure through a well-rounded HR programme would add value to my career. I applied to the course at NUIG as this was a CIPD accredited programme and covered a variety of modules that I wanted to study. I would highly recommend this course to anyone who is as passionate and as interested about HR as I am.

Lorenz Köppel |   Junior Consultant at DZ BANK AG

The MSc in Strategy, Innovation & People Management teaches a deep understanding in the areas most relevant for future leaders. Consequently, graduates are not only flexible when looking for jobs, they also start off with great knowledge in these key areas. Moreover, they are enabled to bring in sophisticated insights into daily business life. The profound competencies equal an outstanding competitive advantage. Holding such a degree opens many doors to an interesting career.

Claire Garrity |   Head of Employer Branding at Scout Talent Connect Message

Choosing this course was a no-brainer, as the MSc in International Management was voted best business postgraduate course in Ireland in 2013. I would definitely recommend this Conversion Course. Coming from a Science background I was worried about being out of my depth, however I found the material really easy to understand (if you put your mind to it!). The lecturers are very approachable and I really felt like I got a good grasp on the material. Our international trip was another enticing factor, however even without this element I would still highly recommend this course to anyone considering furthering their business studies, or who wants to jump into the deep end and immerse themselves in international management. (Graduate MSc International Management)

Oisin Molloy |   Student Recruitment & Marketing Officer, EY

Coming from a non-business background, I wanted to find a reputable course that facilitated for the transition into the business sphere by encompassing as many areas of international business as possible. The M.Sc. in International Management more than catered for this need, boasting a prospectus of modules covering the entire breadth of international business; from macro-economics and international corporate finance to international marketing, human resources and innovation management. The M.Sc. in International Management gave me an excellent foundation in both the theory and practicalities of modern, global business and ensured a successful career conversion in the space of twelve, short months

Mairead Long |   MSc Strategy, Innovation People Management Scholar 2020-21

During my time working in a technical role, I had the opportunity to get involved in more business-oriented projects and developed an interest in innovation and business strategy. The MSc in Strategy, Innovation and People Management was a natural choice to allow me to further develop my areas of interest while also gaining proficiencies in human resources. The CIPD accreditation will stand to me in whatever path I choose. Despite the challenges we all faced studying during a pandemic, the lecturers made a marked effort to adapt to online delivery and made the course as accessible as possible for us. I was lucky enough to be with a cohort of supportive students who have provided that much needed interaction and camaraderie. I’ve had a very positive experience on this course, and I’m excited to see how I can apply it in my career going forward.

Albee Wang |   Product Manager at FunMax Ireland

This course allowed us explore issues impacting the development, implement and evaluation of global business and innovation strategy. I accumulated research, analytical and argumentation skills necessary to formulate, conduct as well as report independent pieces of research. Lecturers on this course were always patient and supportive.

Darryl Durham |   Operations Supervisor at DHL USA

The programme at NUI Galway provided me with a global perspective of culture from the business standpoint of international affairs. The MSc International Management Program at NUI Galway provided me with the foundation to build a successful path to where I am today. It not only prepared me for the workforce, but also prepared me with the hands-on experience I needed to progress in my career. I am proudly an essential part of a Fortune-500, multi-dimensional, international company, and I give credit to my time and experiences in Ireland and NUI Galway

Ebony Wells |   Principal’s Secretary / Bookkeeper at Harlem Middle School

Being over 3000 miles from home has been tough, but I found comfort in my classmates and professors here at NUIG. The professionals and students on campus not only take an interest in us as students, but also as people. Whether it be having a voice through class reps, or having coffee, someone was always available to listen. I'm glad to have spent a year in Galway.

Ally Whyte |   MSc Strategy, Innovation People Management Scholar 2020-21

I would highly recommend the Strategy, Innovation and People Management course as the course is very well rounded, offering a wide range of modules in the areas of strategy, innovation, entrepreneurship and HR, as well as an opportunity to go on placement in second semester. Although the course has been taught completely online this year, all of the lecturers have been extremely approachable, helpful and accommodating to the students which has made the year much easier. The assignments are mainly real world, team-based tasks which has helped me to meet lots of new people and develop my communication skills and confidence through taking part in presentations. Coming from a psychology background, I have especially enjoyed the people management modules! The course has equipped me with the skills and knowledge needed for the working world and I look forward to starting my work placement as HR Officer with Ryanair in April.

Sheila Kearney |   Opportunity Development Representative, Qualtrics (Dublin)

The MSc in International Management programme was an ideal choice for me in pursuing a global career. The practical elements of the course gave me genuine exposure to the international business environment, and proved fundamental in securing employment with a US technology company in the early phases of its international expansion. The guidance provided by the faculty is superb and the small class sizes facilitate interaction and a great class dynamic.

Megan McDermott |   Talent Acquisition Specialist at TE Connectivity

The MSc in Human Resource Management provided so many opportunities for career development, through CIPD networking events, teamwork and panel presentations, which really stood to me in my HR career so far. I would recommend this course to anyone who is considering a career in HR because you develop professionally and personally and that is thanks to the amazing lecturers. I have completed a Talent Acquisition Internship with Creganna Medical.

John Concannon |   Director General - Global Ireland

A masters degree in Marketing at NUI Galway gave me an incredible advantage as I headed out into the competitive world of work. I had confidence in the depth of my knowledge and its application in a way that reflects the excellent teaching.

Dana Marshall |   MSc Digital Marketing scholar 2021-22

Receiving the EU Business Merit Postgraduate Scholarship has meant that I have been able to continue my studies in an area that I am extremely passionate about. I was delighted to be accepted into the Msc Digital Marketing program in the J.E Cairnes School of Business. This program immerses you in industry, builds confidence and brings marketing theory to life. The MSc Digital Marketing course unpacks the fundamentals of marketing with a strategic and tactical approach. You really delve deep into marketing concepts while having the opportunity to bring them to life through projects with real-world companies like WorkCompass and The Eden Project. I would highly recommend this course to anyone who has an interest in Digital Marketing.

Marlene Schlierf |   MSc Marketing Management Scholar 21-22

Studying MSc in Marketing Management at NUI Galway was one of the best decisions I made so far. The programme provides you with a deep understanding of marketing processes and trends in the context of a dynamic and globalized business environment. The quality of the teaching is exceptional. By completing various group assignments in different, exciting subjects, I was able to broaden my horizon. I would recommend the MSc in Marketing Management to anybody who is interested in marketing and wants to strengthen their marketing knowledge.

Colm Egan |   API Territory Manager EMEA, SmartBear Software

This position is something that I would have hoped for two or three years down the road. The Programme prepared me for this challenging role and allowed me to develop myself as a person as well as advancing my knowledge. Without completing this Masters I would not be in the fantastic role that I am, and I highly recommend anyone who wants to get into the Sales and Marketing to pursue the course.

Sarah Dolan |   Senior Marketing & Communications Manager for Global Events,

The MSc in Marketing allowed me the opportunity to reach my full potential, helping me build the skills and knowledge necessary to become part of one of the largest software companies in the world. The masters gave me a distinct advantage over other candidates as a result of the scope of topics and projects we covered. I would recommend it to anyone who is passionate about marketing and would like to build a successful career in this field.

Paul Lally |   Stakeholder Relations, ESB Renewables

The Marketing masters degree I recently completed not only provided me with a wealth of knowledge but also the ability to apply, with confidence, the knowledge gained in any given industry

John Heavey |   Global Accounts Analyst, LinkedIn

The masters programme provided me with a strong theoretical understanding of marketing, which I have been able to apply to practical situations in the workplace. In my current role I support a Global Account Manager from a marketing, business operations and analytical perspective. I believe the masters gave me the knowledge and skills to do this


The MSc. Digital Marketing is an excellent programme, which combines both strategic and tactical modules taught by experts in their fields. This means that graduates are well-rounded marketers and with the highest standard of up-to-date knowledge of the latest digital trends and tactics

Emma Roche |   Marketing and Brand Executive at Irish Pride Fine Foods

I am absolutely LOVING my work placement as the experience that I’m gaining is incredible. It will be a massive selling point for me in any interview after my placement, as it is allowing me to apply my learnings in a real work environment. I have a huge amount of responsibility and have designed and implemented a number of different campaigns for new product launches and co-promotions e.g. The Irish Pride Bunsters & Calor BBQ Summer Promotion. I also enjoyed the workshops organised in Galway. They are always extremely interesting and beneficial to both myself and the company. One of my favourite aspects of the programme was the assignments we undertook. These are all designed to further enable us to add value to our organisations.

Jane Cullen |   Marketing Executive at MediaHQ

The MSc Marketing programme in NUI Galway contained all of the necessary elements to develop myself as a marketing professional. My favourite part of the programme was the placement. Throughout the year, I created and managed several projects for my host company. This experience allowed me to put theory into practice and coupled with lecturer feedback, provided the richest and most rewarding learning opportunities of the course. I would recommend it to anyone who really wants to drive their career in the right direction.

Darragh Broderick |   Inbound Marketing Specialist

I chose the MSc in Marketing Practice to fulfill my ambition of becoming an accomplished marketing professional. This course promised practical learning far superior to that of a classroom and it has absolutely delivered. I have developed relevant and differentiating marketing skills and acquired experiences which I am confident will serve me throughout my career.

Michaela Browne |   Marketing Executive - Burke Insurances Ltd

I was placed in Burke Insurances an insurance brokerage in Galway. My placement was a little different to others in that I worked for Burke Insurances Monday to Wednesday and on Thursday and Friday I worked for a group of 18 brokerages based all across Ireland part of the Source Broker Network. At first, this sounded a little daunting to me, that I would be essentially working for two different companies; however, looking back now I couldn’t imagine my placement any other way. I have learned so many new skills, I have developed old skills, I have practiced marketing and I have learned a lot about myself. Upon completion of this programme, I feel confident that I have developed the right skills I need in order to go out into the working world. I feel that I can bring what I learned from my placement into any company which I move to next. Read Michaela’s blog about the programme at:


I graduated in 2016 from NUIG's MSc International Marketing and Exporting. The expertise and advice from lecturers and the material covered helped prepare me for work with National and International employers such as Pat The Baker and Valeo Foods. It also allowed me to discover my interest in Internationalisation which led me to pursue a position with Enterprise Ireland.

Mónica Tuset Riotorto |   Sales Development Specialist at Matheworks

Having a language opens up many incredible employment opportunities, particularly in the areas of Sales & Marketing as many companies look to move into new markets. In this respect, I believe that this programme is ideal for international students, as it will allow them to capitalise on such opportunities and secure fantastic sales & marketing positions. This master really helped me get to where I am today!

Jennifer O' Leary |   ESB Innovation Marketing Assistant

I was absolutely thrilled when I was accepted onto the MS.c Marketing Practice programme. I can honestly say it has been one of the most rewarding and challenging years of my life. This masters is exactly what I wanted when finishing my undergrad – hands on experience, challenging and to learn as much as possible. I really enjoyed doing each assignment because you learn so much which each one. There is also a fantastic support system in NUIG. One of my highlights of the year was that I got the opportunity to interview many marketing professionals during my research and project manage events of over 100 people. Your assignments come to life in this masters, and there is no better feeling watching your work being implemented in the work place!! I feel this course has given me the best start on my marketing career and I am so thankful I was accepted!

Ryan Ludden |   Business Development Manager at App Design

I chose the MSc in Marketing Practice as I wanted to physically apply the learnings from my Bachelor of Commerce (Global) Degree to my working career and the course provided the perfect platform to do just that! I got the exciting opportunity to work within a tech start up environment where I helped to bring the Marketing and Sales knowledge I had learned to the forefront of the business, helping it to turn what was only a concept at the start of my placement into a viable product and business today. The level of satisfaction in being able to achieve such a feat is incredibly rewarding and has provided me with skills that can be applied within any company I work for in the future. The Masters in Marketing Practice provided me with the perfect stage to showcase what I could bring to the table for a company and the students within the course allowed for an incredibly collaborative environment that helped one another succeed and learn from each other to further develop our marketing skills.

Michelle Murray |   Buyer/Planner at Medtronic

The MSc (Marketing Practice) provides a mix of practical learning and theory. I was placed with one of my favourite health food brands and am lucky to say that I am currently working in my dream job! I have developed skills such as content marketing, social media, event organisation, market research and email marketing and the experience and skills gained will definitely stand to me for the future. For anyone considering this Masters, I couldn't recommend it enough as the mix of lectures, workshops and work placement is an excellent foundation to set your career on the right path!

Paul Lally |   Stakeholder Relations at ESB

The Marketing masters degree I recently completed not only provided me with a wealth of knowledge but also the ability to apply, with confidence, the knowledge gained in any given industry.
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Laura O'Dea |   Business Development Officer at Unity Credit Union Connect

I feel extremely privileged to have been afforded the opportunity to study the MSc (Marketing Practice) programme at NUI Galway. What I loved about the programme was the opportunities within it, such as the work placement, the opportunity to work in a new environment and to expand your business profile". I loved every minute of my work placement and gained so many new skills on a daily basis. The teaching and leadership at every stage of the course was exceptional.

John Flood |   Master of Accounting Scholar 2021-22

The Master of Accounting at NUI Galway has facilitated a seamless transition into the accounting workplace, particularly after obtaining the CAP 2 exemptions for the professional exams. The course is very much centred around practical skills such as group work, presentations, debates etc, based on relevant real-world problems, as well as having an emphasis on the technical and academic skills which are equally structured well. Having availed of an entire module dedicated to accounting analytical skills as well as an optional 2-week data and analytics summer school run by KPMG, I was very well equipped on the highly demanded skills that employers desire. There are also valuable workshops conducted in semester 2 which offered great insight and preparation for the FAE professional exams. Given the small class size, the lectures are all so approachable and understanding, and really go above and beyond for their class. It was also a pleasure to study alongside my equally ambitious and hardworking classmates, where there’s a real sense of solidarity and strong commitment to work competently.

Minal Tambe |   Senior Fund Officer at Alter Domus

The rapidly evolving technologies in the business environment play a pivotal role in setting the expectations of today’s accountants, be it experienced or newly qualified. While working in the auditing space for years and dealing with a variety of challenges arisen due to the massive increase in the volume of transactions and changing technologies, I observed the skill gap that was getting developed in delivering quality audits. This Program is suitably designed to meet the changing business requirements for qualified accountants wherein there is an increasing demand for advanced analytical skills and technological knowledge. The academic content is very thoughtfully planned to empower finance professionals with knowledge of SAP, Big Data, Management Controls, and hands-on experience on smart tools and platforms like Tableau desktop, UiPath Studio, AWS, etc. It’s an invaluable life experience to study in an international setting like this and learn from highly experienced professors of NUIG, while interacting with equally ambitious and motivated classmates coming from different countries and cultures.

Ciarán O’Donnell |   Associate, Ernst & Young

“I would certainly recommend studying the Master of Accounting degree at NUI Galway. My experience and time at Galway was without a doubt a positive and very enjoyable one. The facilities at the J.E Cairnes Business School are top class and are entirely conducive to an effective study environment. The programme lecturers are very much approachable, friendly, and hardworking. Furthermore the course offers a great platform for developing those skills necessary in progressing in the workplace and also with the professional exams. Lastly it needs to be mentioned that Galway City itself is a fantastic location to study in and the contacts you develop during the program are, in my opinion, invaluable.”


The subjects in this Master of Accounting programme are very appropriate for your future career. You get to develop and practice your presentation and research skills through various assignments. From the programme, you will not only acquire knowledge but you will also develop an ability to solve real world problems. There is a good mix of international and national students in the class. The group work on various courses allowed me to experience working on problems with students from different cultural backgrounds. Staff are all very professional and friendly. The staff know that as an international student you live far away from your family and friends and they try to help and encourage you.


This programme has helped me to gain practical knowledge through problem solving in the various accounting and finance modules. It has made me more professionally competent as a result of the presentations, case study analysis and debates that are all part of the programme. The teaching faculty of the programme are very professional and all have industry experience which helps me to understand the topics more easily. Galway is a diversified city with very good infrastructural facilities and people are very friendly. The weather in the city was a completely new experience, but I have adjusted!"


Courses arranged in this programme are essential and helpful for my future career in accountancy. I like that this study year is a challenge for me. I believe the year will help me develop my professional knowledge and skills and will greatly improve my job prospects. All staff teaching on this programme have excellent professional knowledge and teaching skills. They are nice, enthusiastic and helpful to me. I enjoy being here and am having a really good time in Galway. I regard Galway as my second hometown.

James O'Brien |   EY Luxemburg

The Business School at NUI Galway and the staff in the Accounting and Finance group provide an educational environment that has all of the essential supports for learning at the highest possible level. Upon completing my studies I have secured a job with a leading professional accounting firm in Europe. I highly recommend the accounting and finance portfolio of courses at NUI Galway to anyone interested in achieving a high class education at one of the best universities

Hiral Metha |   MSc Corporate Finance Scholar 2021-22

The MSc in Corporate Finance at NUI Galway provides a perfect combination of technical and practical knowledge. It has provided multiple opportunities for career development since, along with the knowledge of the core modules, one also has an option for a 12-week work placement, the unique selling point of this course. The curriculum offers global exposure providing exemptions from ACCA which is globally recognised. The programme size is small with a mix of national and international students in the class giving an opportunity to bond with our classmates and make good connections. The teaching faculty of the programme is very professional, friendly and easily approachable. The transition from applying to the course, getting accepted, being a scholarship recipient to arriving in Galway to attending in-person classes in the middle of the pandemic was very smooth. The scholarship provided eased away some of the financial burden I had as an international masters student. The campus has a beautiful, friendly environment with top-notch facilities. Galway is a fantastic location to study and gives a wholesome Irish experience!

Alisha Mullin |   Master of Accounting Scholar 2021-22

The Master of Accounting degree at NUI Galway will be incredibly valuable to my future career. The course gave me the opportunity to develop various skills such as research and writing skills from attempting various assignments. As well as this the module “Skills for Accounting Research and Practice” gives students the opportunity to review case studies which I am sure will be of an advantage to me when sitting my FAE’S. The course is taught by a number of brilliant lecturers who have vast amounts of experience in their fields. Each lecturer puts so much time and effort into the preparation and delivery of each module. They provide you with some brilliant real-life examples, drawing on their own experience, making it very easy to understand and apply the content.

Richin Thomas |   Financial Analyst at CMS Distribution

Before choosing this course, I had an opportunity to chat with one of the professors, Breda Sweeney, who helped me to understand that it is not just education development at NUI Galway that is helping students to have a bright future. It is also the focus on personality development, career development skills, curricular activities, societies, and many more things which impact so much on student life. The course, MSc. in International Accounting and Analytics, was the perfect course for me. There are no other universities who have courses focused on accounting with the combination of great modules like Corporate Finance, Strategic Management, Business Intelligence with SAP and Big Data Analytics which makes the programme so interesting. The impact of the skills developed from these modules prepares you for a career in industry. I am proud to say that I was a student of NUI Galway who has been offered a 50% scholarship. I enjoyed this course so much, being the class representative as well. It was one of the best decisions of my life.

Nitin Gupta |   Assistant Finance Controllers at Generator Hostels

The M.Sc. in International Accounting and Analytics at NUI Galway is an innovative programme that provided me with excellent understanding of both advanced accounting concepts and practical knowledge of analytical tools used in accounting and finance. The modules were very relevant and were delivered by Faculty who are top-notch academics and practitioners in their respective fields. The data analytics modules such as Big Data and SAP BW certification prepared me for the transformation that the accounting profession is witnessing right now. The small class environment provided for individual attention with various group activities making learning an enjoyable experience. The level of support from the Professors both in the class and outside was unparalleled. The core modules over semester one and two were supplemented by the Big Four practitioner led summer schools and guest lectures from industry providing us with the latest industry insights. Studying in the scenic campus bustling full of activity of a top ranked University combined with the vibrant and lively culture of Galway city has been one of the best experiences of my life.

Sean Dunne |   Fund Accountant Associate at HedgeServ

I am certain I made the right choice taking on this unique MSc in International Accounting and Analytics in the welcoming community of Galway. As someone with a background outside of Accounting, I was intimidated by the subject in September. Thankfully, the combination of intermediate and introduction level modules in the first semester helped to build a foundation that quickly brought me up to speed. Networking with other international classmates and attending the various guest lectures have introduced me to career pathway options that I don't think I would have learned about through personal research online.
Sri Charan

Sri Charan Nallabala |   Trainee Accountant at Arthur Bell Limited(Merged with Cohen)

The MSc in International Accounting and Analytics programme is well designed to meet the changing business requirements and, to enhance the students functional as well as technical skills which are very necessary for this data age. Learning how to use data by applying various analytical tools is very crucial for an accountant to make effective decisions and to ensure transparent corporate reporting. SAP module helped me a lot to understand how business intelligence can help to resolve real-world reporting issues. This programme has equipped me with all the skills which are necessary and trained me to kick start my accounting career with one of the leading Hedge Fund Audit Firms.

Sonal Sail |   Accounts Assistant at Planet (formerly Fintrax group)

I believe that the MSc in International Accounting & Analytics is an ideal programme which places a strong emphasis on understanding current business needs whilst equipping us with analytical skills required for employment in business. The professors and the course director especially are very supportive and provide plenty of guidance throughout the course, about career paths. The KPMG Summer School offers an excellent platform to acquire hands on experience of accounting and analytical tools and techniques used in big 4 accounting firms. For me, this NUI Galway MSc programme is a stepping stone towards an exciting and successful career opportunity

George Mathew Mohan |   Current Scholar MSc International Accounting & Analytics

I find MSc International Accounting & Analytics in NUIG quite unique as it different from a typical accounting course. The subjects in this course are diverse and future oriented. This course focus on relevant subjects and technical knowledge. The modules of this subject are well structured and are delivered by excellent faculty. The lecturers are open and friendly and always willing to help with any questions. The course also helps to get exemptions in professional accounting programs such as ACCA and CPA Ireland. Apart from academics, the University also provides opportunity to get involved various activities. There are a lot of societies where you can be a part of. Overall, this course aids in the career and personal development. I am so grateful to NUIG for providing me the Postgraduate Merit Scholarship to pursue this course.

Nalumu Elizabeth Eleiton |   SEMRU

Studying Economics at NUIG is an excellent choice for students with an interest in environmental economics and I highly recommend it for international students.The course was very practical and included a field trip aboard the RV Celtic Voyager aimed at enhancing knowledge and appreciation of marine science that is also incorporated into marine policy formulation.

Anna P. Hobbins |   Health Economist, Post-doctoral Researcher at CÚRAM

I have found the learning environment to be excellent with help and support for students in a variety of areas. The staff lectures, library, etc., are helpful and informative. The campus at NUI Galway is a student-friendly environment with excellent facilities, which are continually improving. I would certainly recommend a postgraduate course in Health Economics as it has many practical applications and prepares students for further research or entering the pharmaceutical industry. Many students are placed in pharmaceutical companies over the summer. Previously some students were kept on in companies where they did their placement, while others have gone on to do PhDs in Ireland and the UK. I would definitely choose NUI Galway if I was starting over again. We had an amazing year with speakers from abroad and we also had fun! (Graduate MSc Health Economics)
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Dan Kelleher |   Research Assistant in HEPAC pursuing a PhD

The MSc. in Health Economics is a fantastic qualification to have and it provides the necessary skills in becoming a Health Economist. Students receive theoretical and practical experience in areas such as, Health Systems & Policy Analysis to developing cost effectiveness models that are used in health technology assessments (HTAs). The course provides students with great opportunities to attend conferences and seminars, which are a fantastic opportunity to network and learn from experts in the field. The Health Economics and Policy Analysis Centre (HEPAC) at NUIG is the largest single group of academics working within the area of Health Economics on the island of Ireland, creating the perfect environment for students to learn. The MSc. has allowed me to work for one of the biggest medical device companies, a management consultancy firm and to my current role as a Research Assistant in HEPAC pursuing a PhD.


The campus is a beautiful friendly environment with excellent facilities. Coming from a BA in public and social policy the Masters programme in health economics was quite intensive, however the lecturers were extremely helpful and approachable. Our class was very cooperative and friendly. What drew me to NUI Galway was the potential placement opportunity the course offers. I conducted my placement with the Irish Haemophilia Society which opened up many doors for me. Not only did I gain real work experience relative to my field I was brought along to conferences and this enabled me to network. This is where I met my current employer. I now work for health economics consultancy firm in the UK. Health economics is an extremely useful course to have completed which can be applicable to a work force internationally. This was a huge factor in my decision in picking this particular course. I had a great year doing my MSc and would definitely recommend NUI Galway if you are considering this course

Annemiek Eweg |   Research trainee at Wageningen Economic Research The Hague

I would recommend Global Environmental Economics to other students because the topics covered are highly relevant and the teachers are committed to their subjects. The size of the class is small, which allows for active participation, discussions and a great atmosphere. The work placement as part of the course is a nice opportunity to apply the skills I have learned throughout the course.

James McDonald |   Performance Analyst with Irish Life Investment Managers

The MEconSc will equip any student with the necessary soft & technical, both quantitative & qualitative skills required to succeed in a very competitive industry. A great feature of the MEconSc was the fact that you could deliver tutorials to students. This was genuinely a great experience as it turns the student who just intakes all the information provided to the lecturer who transfers the information in the easiest, most effective way to a large group of students. The MEconSc will challenge you as Semester 1 is very hands-on with group work & assignments so be willing to put your head down & give it your all, these skills & competencies that you develop throughout the Masters will stand to you as you progress to interview for some of the top companies in Ireland & abroad. I'm currently working for Irish Life Investment Managers (ILIM) where my current role is an Investment Analyst as part of the Performance team. Applied Portfolio Management was one of my favorite modules in the MEconSc & I regularly use the knowledge & skills I developed throughout this module in my day-to-day job.
Anthony Patrick

Anthony Patrick Saoud |   3M Data Analyst, Canada

The MEconSc (International Finance) at NUI Galway equipped me with advanced quantitative tools and techniques, which allowed me to standout and work in a competitive Fortune 500 company. The program exposed me to several fields in finance and quantitative research that enabled me to think outside the box and adapt to a variety of sectors.

Mohit Agrawal |   ‎Ph.D. Candidate in Economics, Yale University

As a Master’s student in Economics, I was impressed by NUI Galway’s students, faculty, and facilities. The program size was small, allowing me to learn from and become friends with my fellow students in a collegial atmosphere. The faculty were fully dedicated to students, easy to talk to, and well-versed in their fields. Meanwhile, the facilities at NUI Galway were top-notch, with great computer labs, libraries, and social spaces. Lastly, I enjoyed living in Galway, with its historic city center and scenic seaside promenade; Galway was a perfect launching pad for trips across Ireland and Europe. During my time in Galway, I gained a unique understanding of economic policy in the context of Ireland and the Eurozone. I strongly encourage international students to consider study at NUI Galway.

Noreen Brennan |   PhD Researcher at NUI Galway

I found the MEconSc in Natural Resource Economics and Policy to be a thorough, well organised course which covered a range of issues such as resource sustainability, renewable energy and marine resource economics. The courses were interesting and topical and also provided students with lectures from various industry experts and research field leaders throughout the year. The work placement was a fantastic experience, allowing me to work with the Sustainable Energy Authority of Ireland. This, as well as the course work and research conducted through my dissertation enabled me to pursue a PhD in environmental economics.

Gavin Landgraf |   Second Lieutenant - US Marine Corps

In 2015, the US-Ireland Alliance offered me a George J. Mitchell Scholarship to study for a year in Ireland. As a student of economics, I chose NUIG for my studies specifically because of its M.Sc. in Natural Resource Economics and Policy. NUIG’s program stood out among other postgraduate economics programs because of its particular focus on environmental and natural resource economics. The course is remarkably strong in its quantitative training. In the fall, students complete rigorous modules in econometrics and statistics, learning skills which they are then required to put into practice in the spring. I found it easy to develop strong working relationships with my lecturers, one of whom arranged a summer placement for me at the Economic and Social Research Institute (ESRI) in Dublin. At ESRI, I am working on a project with one of Ireland’s top environmental economists to value two salmon fisheries on the West Coast. My dissertation, which is based on the project, will be presented to a government client and published in an academic journal.

Ed Knapp |   PhD Researcher at NUI Galway

I truly enjoyed my year in the Natural Resource Economics Programme at NUI Galway. I had the opportunity to work closely with instructors from the University and external research centres, gain student teaching experience and work in paid research placements. After completing this programme I was offered a position with a Galway consulting firm, but ultimately chose to begin a PhD fellowship in Galway. Other students in our class have gone on to positions in the Department of Foreign Affairs and the Department of Public expenditure and Reform. I strongly recommend Galway to prospective students. NUI Galway is a particularly welcoming and valuable experience for international students like myself.

Antriksh Panwar |   Funds Officer at Alter Domus

Pursuing MEConSc (International Finance) at the National University of Ireland, Galway was an amazing learning experience for me. The Finance aspect of the curriculum was more inclined towards current industry requirements. It came in handy for me during FRM Level I exams as it touched base on some of the core readings of the FRM curriculum. The economics part focussed mainly on research and use of statistical tools. Throughout the year, we worked on several assignments, including a year-end dissertation that helped us groom these skills. The professors were easily approachable and helped us whenever it was required. I would highly recommend this course to anyone who desires to pursue PhD or wants to get into Financial Services.

Jack Byrne |   MSc Global Environmental Economics Scholar 2020-21

I was delighted to receive the NUIG Business postgraduate scholarship to study a Masters in Global Environmental Economics. I came home from New Zealand at the height of the pandemic in 2020, and it was great to have the opportunity to get a world-class education at my hometown university. I had studied Law and Accounting in the University of Limerick for my undergraduate degree, then travelled and worked in South America, Australia and New Zealand for a few years. 2020 was a year of change for everyone so I chose to pursue a new direction in my career. I've really enjoyed the Msc in Global Environmental Economics so far. Our lecturers have done a great job in adapting to the online environment and the modules we have taken are very interesting. My favourites so far were Climate Change Economics and Econometrics, it's great to get an in-depth knowledge of what humanity needs to do to meet the challenges of climate change. The scholarships NUIG provide are a great help as a student as it eases some of the financial burden of making the decision to study a Masters. 

Robert English |   Consultant Economist at AECOM

"I would highly recommend this course to other students. One of my favorite aspects of the course was how topical the information we were learning was. The work placement option really sets this course apart and it has allowed me to apply everything I have learned over the past 8 months. This course offers its students some amazing opportunities, my advice would be to not let them pass you by!"
in Connect with Robert

Aisling Sealy Phelan |   MSc Global & Environmental Economics scholar 2020-21

I have always had a keen interest in the Environment and tackling climate change and this, alongside my interest in economics is what led me to choose to study the MSc in Global Environmental Economics, and I couldn’t be happier. I was also very interested by the placement opportunities offered, and I hope to complete my placement later this year. I find the course has a great mix of subjects, both quantitative, theoretical, and practical, all with a focus on the economic issues of climate change and the potential solutions. It is a really interesting and extremely relevant course and I have thoroughly enjoyed my first semester albeit online. The lecturers have really adapted well to online delivery and although it is not the same as in person, they have provided great support throughout. I think the material covered in this course has been well thought out and planned, and I have learned so much over the last few months. Galway is an amazing city, full of friendly faces, culture, and craic - I could not recommend it more to any potential students. I think the course is a perfect balance between the interrelated issues of policy, economics, and the natural environment.

Ally Couchman |   MSc in Global Environmetal Economics Science Student

The HDip Economics was a great foundation for the MSc Global Environmental Economics that I am studying for now. The mix of 2nd, 3rd and 4th year undergraduate modules is well structured and enabled me, as someone who has never studied economics before, to get a good handle on the subject and be well prepared for the Masters program. The combination of general economics with more specialised areas gave me a great insight into how broad and diverse economics is, and I would highly recommend this course.

Radhika Sharma |   Current Master in Health Economics Science Student

"The Higher Diploma in Economics Science course provided me with the opportunity to participate in various research projects. Coming from a BA in political science background the Higher Diploma in Economics Science was a great foundation. The program was very intensive, but the lecturers were very helpful and accommodating. I would highly recommend this course as it prepared me for MSc in Health Economics, and it allowed me to explore new directions."

Katie Lernihan |   Business Development , SAP Innovative Business Solutions

The BIS course offers students an education and skillset that is unique, competitive, and relevant. Through BIS I built a strong global network through international guest lectures, my Erasmus at La Rochelle Excelia Business School, the talented faculty at the NUIG Business School who are incredible mentors to my class and through industry leaders who connected with our class, incl. SAP where I completed my 8-month Internship and where I continue to build my career since graduating in 2019. I would encourage any individual who wishes to pursue a successful and exciting career in the rapidly accelerating world of technology to consider this course. As a young woman in tech, BIS has provided me a diverse and extensive knowledge base that is relevant and reflective of the demands, trends, and strategy of the technology industry today allowing me to fully thrive in my role at SAP and many aspects of my professional life!

Anamika Parashar |   Assistant Vice President at Citi

Although I had worked in financial services prior to pursuing my masters at NUIG, this programme enabled me to develop effective communication skills, understanding of business problems and being able to translate that problem into a solution using business analytics. The MSc in business analytics has greatly enhanced my analytical, programming and research skills, which enabled me to secure a position as technology Business Analyst, Citi Group.

Srinivasan Arumugam |   MSc in Information Systems Management

The programme has students from different cultures, backgrounds and countries. It provides you the essential hands on required for the competitive corporate world. IT firms like Accenture, HP, Deloitte, Avaya and many, provide job-related seminars and Challenges to interact directly with student who are in this programme.

Joe Joyce |   Business Analyst with SQS

I’ve been working as a Business Analyst with SQS since just after my summer exams, and the MSc in ISM has proved to be a great asset. Business Analysis requires a combination of good business acumen and technical knowledge. With that in mind, I feel this course is the perfect place to start for someone considering a career in this line of work. Modules such as Applied Systems Analysis and Systems Development and Project Management provided me with exposure to tools and techniques that are frequently used by Business Analysts such as Use Case modelling, process mapping techniques and approaches to stakeholder management. It only took a few weeks in my new position to realise just how useful the MSc in ISM would continue to be long after exams had finished!

Emma Beatty |   Cloud Product Support Engineer, SAP

The MSc. Business Analytics gave me a great introduction into the areas of analytics and big data. It was an invaluable learning experience, the course was consistently engaging and the mixture of different subjects was particularly advantageous. The different modules provided me with the necessary tools and techniques that have allowed me to find employment in SAP, working as a Cloud Product Support Engineer.

Richard Carr |   Technical Engineer - CMS Peripherals

I have been working with CMS Peripherals since immediately after the exams. My role as a Technical Engineer involves me gaining accreditations from the world’s leading IT companies like Microsoft, Symantec, Commvault and Vmware, implementing Professional Services and installs of backup solutions for companies in the UK and Ireland. It also involves a lot of travel in Ireland, the UK and Europe. The modules of the MSc in ISM have helped me enormously. It is a great course that gives non-technical students a feel of a technical environment.

Danielle Aherne |   Major Incident Manager at DXC Technology

This course has strengthened many of my skills and expertise; from innovative thinking, to critiquing and analysing, as well as developing my soft skills which are extremely useful to have in the workplace. This course has strengthened many of my skills and expertise; from innovative thinking, to critiquing and analysing, as well as developing my soft skills which are extremely useful to have in the workplace. I would recommend this course to anyone looking to further enhance their business and system analysis skills, and wishing to gain some practical experience in system development. I would recommend this course to anyone looking to further enhance their business and system analysis skills, and wishing to gain some practical experience in system development.

Orla McHugh |   Operations Specialist, Microsoft

The M.Sc in Business Analytics enabled me to gain a broad insight into the diverse areas within business analytics and to develop technical skills such as data mining and predictive analysis, which has enabled me to thrive in the analytics industry.

Neha Tyagi |   Senior MI Analyst, Ulster Bank

The MSC. Business Analytics is a world-class course that is taught by qualified academics and researchers. It provided a positive student experience that included (i) international exposure to work with people from different countries, (ii) practical assignments, (iii) teamwork, and (iv) developing my communication skills.

Adrian Egan |   Global Customer Master Data Analyst, MSD

The MSc in Business Analytics in NUI Galway offers great opportunities for people from diverse educational or professional backgrounds. It has an excellent blend of business and technical subjects that are in high demand by employers.

Ahmed Elwardany |   Business Insights Manager at LetsGetChecked

This programme enriched and developed my technical and business skills. It provided a solid foundation for transitioning my career towards business analytics through a blend of theoretical and practical learning activities. It was both a challenging and enjoyable journey that truly embraced cultural diversity in a friendly and supportive environment.

Eileen Cullen |   MSc Business Analytics Scholar 2021-22

After completing my undergraduate degree in Mechanical Engineering at NUIG, I developed a greater insight into what career field I wish to pursue. I have always found that the modules I enjoyed the most were often ones with a focus on mathematics and statistics, so I made the decision to complete a master’s in business analytics. This course has provided me with the ideal foundation to explore careers in which I can blend my existing technical knowledge with more applied business and analytical expertise. The content covered in all the modules, particularly the programming and analytical modules, is tailored from a basic level, which is beneficial for individuals who have no technical background. Throughout the course there is a strong focus on how we can apply technological abilities to address business challenges and produce insights for businesses. In relation to the Business Merit Scholarship, in which I am extremely grateful to have been awarded, the process for applying was very straightforward.

Michelle Fitzgerald |   MSc ISM Scholar 2021-22

I would highly recommend the MSc Information Systems Management. It provides students with the necessary skillset needed to begin a career in the corporate landscape where outcomes are continuing to be driven more and more by an organisation’s utilisation of their information systems. The MSc in Information Systems Management not only offers the technical skills required to work in a professional capacity, it also offers soft skills such as decision making, analysis and communication - that are highly sought after in industry. The major project encapsulates everything learned throughout the year and offers students a great opportunity to witness and solve a real-world business problem. I am extremely grateful to receive Business Merit Postgraduate Scholarship. This scholarship provided me with an opportunity to focus on my studies by alleviating some of the financial burden. I believe there is an abundance of opportunities for individuals equipped with the skills taught in the MSc Information Systems Management.

Monalisa Mohanty |   DevOps CSE, Amazon Web Services

Msc. in Information Systems Management course is designed with various modules required to develop your technical and soft skills. The course focuses on critical thinking and innovation aspects as well which is a very important skill to have in this constantly changing IT environment and culture. Students get a chance to involve with Industrial partners to solve their problems utilising the skills gained during various modules of the course as part of the Major project which is the best exposure one can expect from a course. I have got a lot of opportunities as part of extra-curricular activities to enhance my skills and expand my network like participating in Empathy Jam Galway, Leaders of Tomorrow by Accenture etc. If you have a skill and you want exposure to utilise it, then at NUIG you will get enough opportunities for the same.

Shyam Panchal |   MSc Information Systems Management Scholar 2020-21

The M.Sc. ISM (Information Systems Management) gives you a complete blend of sociotechnical subjects that is ideal for enhancing your innovative thinking, critical analysis, and decision-making skills. Professionally designed modules are well balanced, and their contemporary structure leads to the industry's growing expectations. Modules such as Interactive Systems Design, Project Management, and Applied System Analysis are imperative to demonstrate your IS skills. While pursuing my course, I got a chance to get an opportunity as a Teaching Assistant in one of the computer science programs, which helped me delivering the learned practical insights. I would thoroughly recommend this course to one who would like to expand their horizons in people and technology

Anna Keane |   Quality Systems User Administrator

I would recommend taking this course if you have an interest in developing and managing systems and anyone who would like to enhance their skillset and knowledge in understanding the process of how systems and businesses work effectively together to provide to the end user. The major project of this course integrates all the modules that you require to complete your project. The project I found gave me the chance to apply the frameworks and practice from what I learned through out each semester. I enjoyed this course as it introduced me to different international cultures of students and gave me opportunities of career options that could enhance my future prospects in my job. I have transferred many new skillsets from this course to my current job role as a Quality Systems User Administrator. I have now been able to take on more responsibilities within my role administrating Information systems

Vivekanand Jha |   Quality Information Systems Specialist Support at HCI

A pursuit to enhance my skillset drove me to consider enrolling for a Master's degree and I was fortunate to acquire a place in the M.Sc. Information Systems Management programme at the National University of Ireland, Galway. The Information Systems Management programme at NUIG is well balanced and packed with knowledge. My academic experience was further enriched by exceptional faculty members who emphasize the need for empathy, thoroughness and innovative thinking. The knowledge that I acquired through this programme has improved my communication and interpersonal skills, shed light on the importance of being thorough while introducing me to a variety of technological advancements and business practices. This enhanced understanding of business and technological landscape, enabled by the ISM programme, has helped me enormously to become a thorough professional. I extend my gratitude to the illustrious faculty members of M.Sc. Information Systems Management for their wisdom and encouragement.


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