United Arab Emirates

Entry Requirements

Entry Level  Qualification Irish Leaving Cert points: 300 to 400 Irish Leaving Cert points: 400 to 500 Irish Leaving Cert points: 500 to 600
Foundation Level Tawjihiyya (Secondary School Certificate)   70%    
Undergraduate  Applicants from the USA may refer to our USA Your Country Guide      
  Applicants from India may refer to our India Your Country Guide      
  IB/Completion of a recognised foundation programme      
  Advanced entry from Bachelors degree – entry after year 1 of Emirati degree   75%, and having completed around 30 credit hours   80% and have completed around 30 credit hours   85% and have completed around 30 credit hours  
Entry Level  Qualification 2:2 Equivalent 2:1 Equivalent 1st Equivalent
Postgraduate Bachelor Degree  CGPA 2.7/4  CGPA 3.0/4   CGPA 3.7/4 

Hamad Alawadhi - Undergraduate Engineering Student, UAE

Hamad Alawadhi

"I like how my programme balances both the theory and the practical and I’ve found the teaching staff to be friendly and helpful and always available for questions or to meet them in their office time. The New Engineering Building is a fantastic facility especially for me.

Galway is a nice place to live in. The people here are very friendly and everything is nearby you which makes life simpler."

— Hamad Alawadhi, Undergraduate Engineering Student, United Arab Emirates

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