All Kuwait applicants must notify the Kuwait Cultural Bureau before submitting an application to University of Galway.

Entry Requirements

Entry Level  Qualification Irish Leaving Cert points: 300 to 400 Irish Leaving Cert points: 400 to 500 Irish Leaving Cert points: 500 to 600
Foundation Level Shahadat-Al-Thanawia-Al’ama (General Secondary School Certificate)  70% NA NA
Undergraduate  Technical Diploma / Certificate from PAEET College CGPA 2.75 CGPA 3.2/4 or 4/5 CGPA 3.5/4 or 4.4/5
  Advanced entry from Bachelors degree – entry after year 1 of Kuwaiti degree CGPA 2.75, and having completed around 30 credit hours CGPA 3.2/4 or 4/5 CGPA 3.5/4 or 4.4/5
Entry Level  Qualification 2:2 Equivalent 2:1 Equivalent 1st Equivalent
Postgraduate Bachelor Degree (4 years) from a recognised university Grade B- or 2.67/4 or 3.3/5 or 'Good' Grade B or 3.0/4 or 3.75/5 or 'Very Good' CGPA 3.5/4 or 4.4/5

Student Profiles

Student profiles from Kuwait.

Mohammad Hasan - MSc Occupational Health and Safety

“Working as an infection control nurse and health and safety representative in a Kuwait Oil Company (KOC) hospital gave me a great sense of HSE awareness. One of the objectives of KOC is to develop an organisational culture that is mindful, informed, and fair with respect to Health & Safety. We continue to create a health programme for thousands of employees working in rural and remote project areas. We need to anticipate, evaluate, and set control measures of workplace environmental health hazards which may cause sickness, or impair health and well-being. Finding this graduate programme at University of Galway has set my future goals and will provide a better outcome for our employee training and control plan. This is a dynamic programme which could help you in developing a better future for your workplace, no matter what your background.”

Mohammad Hasan, MSc Occupational Health and Safety


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