The aim of this module is to give you a broad foundation in statistics and to build on this foundation so that you have the necessary confidence and statistical skills to visualise and interpret data. This module will also help you to develop a working knowledge of the statistical package Minitab. The appendix booklet provides examples of how to use Minitab. You can apply the knowledge and skills learned in the various units to Minitab.

Application Deadline: 25th August

Statistics is a mathematical science that involves the collection, analysis, interpretation, and presentation of data. It is applicable to a wide variety of academic disciplines, from the natural and social sciences to the humanities. Statistical methods are widely used in industry to improve productivity and quality. They are also used for making informed decisions in government. Statistical methods can be used to summarise or describe a collection of data, to calculate the probability of an event occurring, or to make inferences about a whole group based on data collected from a sample of that group.

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