While environmental protection is a global issue, environmental activities occur at all levels with industrial and commercial environments playing a lead role. This module will explore local and global sustainability issues and their implications for industrial and commercial environments and examine case studies of environmental leadership in practice.
Application deadline: 25th August

The module will provide students with a conceptual and practical foundation in methods of fostering teamwork, leadership and communication for effective environmental leadership in their organisations.

Learning outcomes:

  • Apply the knowledge skills and understanding of environmental leadership gained through the module to environmental issues in industrial and commercial environments.
  • Critique and categorise existing case studies of environmental leadership in industrial and commercial environments outlined in contemporary examples.
  • Identify and assess the importance of environmental leadership and examine their organisations need for environmental leadership.

Apply the knowledge and skills of environmental leadership gained during the module to create or implement an environmental management plan for the student’s organisation or department.

Please select 1CPB1 Science & Technology Studies when making your online application.

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