This module aims to enhance your understanding and appreciation of environment-related disciplines. It provides you with facts and attitudes that will help you understand and evaluate current environmental issues critically, evaluate technological advances, and put environmental issues into a legal perspective.
In this module we have linked current environmental concerns with traditional science and social-economic issues.
Application deadline: 25th August

We have included discussions on current environmental concerns, ethics, health, technological advances, biodiversity and environmental law to give learners a solid foundation to evaluate a broad range of environmental issues.

Our world is changing rapidly. The global climate is changing, soil and water resources are becoming more and more polluted and degraded, atmospheric pollution remains a serious concern, and biodiversity is decreasing rapidly. Population growth has reached unsustainable rates, putting enormous pressure on the environment, and increasing the gaps between the rich and the poor. The continuing assault on the environment is putting enormous pressure on human societies, jeopardizing the fight against poverty, and putting international peace and security at risk. At the same time great advances are being made in technology, environmental management and ecological design, developing promising sustainable solutions and economies. In order to live sustainably on our planet, we need to understand and appreciate the global natural and cultural environment.

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