The module is aimed at Nurses or Healthcare Professionals working in clinical settings which take cervical smears. It aims to give health professionals the knowledge and skills required for an effective cervical screening programme.
Application deadline is 15 July.

The module is developed and delivered in collaboration with CervicalCheck, the national screening programme. On successful completion of the module the student will be able to critically discuss the concept of screening. Discuss the rationale for the national screening programme CervicalCheck. Describe accurately the anatomy and physiology of the female reproductive organs. Demonstrate competence in taking cervical smears, and the ability to produce a good laboratory sample and dispatch it appropriately. Demonstrate the ability to document the findings on history and examination, interpret laboratory smear results accurately and apply screening recommendations appropriately in each situation. Describe full range of treatment options available for women who return abnormal smears or who have cervical cancer. This module has six units, which are delivered on line via Blackboard, students will also have supported clinical supervision and be required to submit a specified number of cervical smears.

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Please select Postgrad CPD in Nursing and Midwifery (PFC3) when making your application.