Design of Engineering Systems represents a complex interconnection of many elements to maximise performance. This science relates to all fields of engineering, and requires contribution from diverse technical disciplines. It involves the combined effort of all the team involved in the design process, leading to a structured development process that proceeds from conception to production to operation, and in some cases to termination and disposal.
Application deadline: 25th August

The aim of this module is to introduce the basic theoretical and practical concepts of engineering systems design. It lays the fundamentals of a wide range of design-related activities. The module describes the major structure of design activity, highlighting the main stages of the design process, their significance, characteristics, requirements and methods of evaluation.

The module describes both product and process design, with practical emphasis on important modern problems, such as design for energy efficiency, design for low environmental impact and design for high reliability and safety.

Professional Transferable Skills This module aims to develop your skills in problem solving, critical thinking, decision making, written and oral communication, teamwork and creativity, innovation and entrepreneurship.

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