The aim of the module is to give you an understanding of how operations are designed and managed.
• It will develop your knowledge of best practice for the design of products and manufacturing processes.
• It will develop your commercial awareness of how well designed products and processes can give competitive advantage to a firm in the marketplace.
• It will introduce the importance of planning and control, ensuring good performance of any company.

Application Deadline: 25th August

In this module you will learn about the management of operations. An operation can be described as a transformation process of inputs into outputs, or as the technical core on which the other primary functional areas of the firm are based.

The term ‘operations’ can be applied to most endeavours that effect change within the environment. A clear understanding of past technological and managerial developments within industry can help provide a strategy for dealing with the existing trends and future challenges within operations. The present rate of technological change is much greater than has previously been experienced and presents both challenges and opportunities to organisations.

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