This module aims to provide you with important insights into innovation and how it may be applied to any organisation. The module introduces you to practical tools and techniques from literature to improve the innovation process and generate successful ideas, learn to recognise the drivers and challenges you will encounter along the way.
Application deadline: 25th August

During the course of the module you will be encouraged to watch or research the experience of innovating market leaders and employ all you have learned in a case study of your own.

Learning Objective On completing this module you will be in a position to:

  • Understand and define innovation
  • Explain key concepts
  • Define innovation goals
  • Generate Ideas, empower teams and monitor results
  • Develop communication and knowledge management skills
  • Apply problem solving techniques
  • Use customer centric techniques to gather information
  • Be familiar with a diverse selection of information gathering techniques
  • Form and manage innovation teams
  • Confidently instigate, drive, support an innovation project in your own organisation

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